Saudi Arabia announces SR20,000 fine for misuse of CCTV footage

Saudi Ministry of Interior Announces Strict Penalties for Security Surveillance Cameras Law Violations
The Saudi Ministry of Interior has recently introduced stringent penalties for breaches of the Security Surveillance Cameras Law to regulate the use of surveillance systems while respecting individual privacy and security norms. Violators will now face significant fines and penalties for various offenses related to surveillance camera operations.

According to the ministry’s guidelines, individuals who transmit or publish recordings from CCTV systems in contravention of the law will be subject to a fine of SR20,000. This measure aims to deter the unauthorized dissemination of surveillance footage, protecting the privacy of individuals captured on camera.
Tampering with security surveillance camera systems or their recordings in any form is strictly prohibited, and offenders will face severe penalties. The ministry emphasizes the importance of maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of these systems by imposing strict consequences for any acts of damage or sabotage.
Furthermore, the ministry has highlighted specific regulations regarding the installation of security cameras. Unlawfully installing surveillance cameras in locations where their installation is prohibited will result in a fine of SR10,000 for each instance. This provision serves to ensure compliance and responsible deployment of surveillance systems.
Additionally, failure to retain recordings for the mandated period specified in the document outlining the terms and conditions related to surveillance systems will incur a penalty of SR5,000. This requirement aims to facilitate proper documentation and storage of records, which can be crucial for investigations and maintaining transparency.
By implementing these penalties, the Saudi Ministry of Interior aims to strike a balance between enhancing security measures and safeguarding individual privacy rights. These regulations emphasize the importance of responsible use of surveillance systems in accordance with set guidelines.
For more information and updates on the progress of security surveillance regulations in Saudi Arabia, stay tuned.

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