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‘Turning Red’: Pixar’s New Hollywood Film Addresses Menstruation, a Teenage Taboo

‘Turning Red’: Pixar’s New Hollywood Film Addresses Menstruation, a Teenage Taboo

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Pixar Studios wishes to break the taboo by depicting a girl’s experiences during adolescence. The film was released globally on Disney+ on March 11th, with a limited number of countries seeing the film in theatres.

Meilin Lee [Character portrayed by Rosalie Chiang], the film’s protagonist, is the one who goes through puberty. She is depicted as a self-assured student who excels in life until she falls asleep and awakens as a huge red panda.

Meilin’s transformation into the gigantic red panda mascot reflects her general feelings about menstruation and puberty. Numerous pubescent teens’ experiences, such as new hairstyles, body dysmorphia, shame about sexual feelings, and heightened emotions, are portrayed through the character.

Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy provided the voice-over for Ming, Meilin’s overprotective mother. She stated that youngsters must understand puberty and what occurs throughout it to avoid suffering in silence. “A friend of mine, who saw this video with their ten-year-old boy, was forced to have a dialogue about sexuality and the struggles that girls face. Girls go through this, and then boys, which initiates a conversation.”

Sandra also pointed out that the film would not have been made if Hollywood had not embraced female voices.

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“The fact that it exists and is the major focus is how you might perceive a shift,” she explained.

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