Simple Solutions for Wearing Shorts Throughout the Summer


Everyone enjoys wearing shorts during the summer, right? It’s a damn shame because doing so can cause numerous issues for the women who wear them. Curious as to what these issues are and how to resolve them? In the spirit of happy legs and glorious summers everywhere, we are thrilled to present a selection of summer shorts.

Problems connected to shorts

During the summer, women who wear shorts frequently experience chafing thighs, sagging bottoms, and “ride-up.” According to Cosmopolitan magazine, occasionally, one short leg rides up more than the other, or even worse, a “camel toe” is seen. Many women who wear short pants in warm weather endure wrinkled fronts and bulging “muffin tops.” Some of these problems may be rectified by purchasing a larger size. Some solutions take slightly more imagination.

Rapid remedies for chafing

Have fat thighs? Many women experience this, and they find solace in various ingenious ways. Medications for diaper rash, such as Desitin, perform brilliantly for some women with large thighs who experience chafing in summer shorts. We are aware of a superior solution. According to XO Jane magazine, lacy summer undershorts and lace shorts extenders are lingerie-like choices that add flair to any pair of shorts while also eliminating bothersome summertime leg chafing.

Women who seek to prevent thigh chafing without additional clothing might investigate a few solutions developed to reduce skin-to-skin friction. Explore sports departments and athletic supply stores for balms designed to avoid “runner’s nipple,” a little-known but painful irritant. The tried-and-true method of cornstarch is ineffective while wearing short shorts. Choose a pair of lovely lace undershorts that stretch a few inches past the cuff of your favorite shorts, and you will never again experience chafing throughout the summer.

More correctable shorts issues

If your underwear shows through your shorts, you can use neutral lingerie, shorts-colored ties, or go commando. Keep in mind that shorts with a snug fit should be thicker fabric than those with a looser fit if you wish to conceal your underwear. Again, a pair of well-made lace-up shorts extenders can quickly resolve this issue.

If your favorite pair of shorts resemble pajamas too much, choose a new favorite pair. Choose shorts with a zipper instead of shorts with a drawstring closure. A pair of dark blue denim shorts worn over a pair of attractive lace extenders create a well-dressed but completely casual appearance. If you dislike shorts with wrinkles, you can also choose denim. Choose shorts with a high waist to conceal several late-night cheeseburgers if a muffin top causes you summertime distress.

Grab a pair of shorts that make you feel amazing and head to the beach, amusement park, or national park now that summer has here. Summers never last as long as we would like, so now is the time to appreciate them.

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