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“I Once Felt Judged And Confined” – Ranveer Singh Discusses His Vibrant Fashion Sense

“I Once Felt Judged And Confined” – Ranveer Singh Discusses His Vibrant Fashion Sense

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During a recent question-and-answer session with fans, Ranveer Singh discussed his outrageous and extravagant fashion sense. According to Hindustan Times, the actor admitted that in the past he felt judged based on his appearance and clothing, but he is no longer subject to criticism.

Singh is a well-known Bollywood star who enjoys experimenting with his attire. When he steps out in public, he astonishes everyone with his extravagant attire. As is the case with all fashionistas, everyone in public is drawn to his peculiar attire.

During a recent Q&A session, when a fan compared Singh’s attire to the colorful and extravagant Met Gala attire, the Indian celebrity responded. The user tweeted, “Ranveer Singh has been performing met gala every day for the past decade.”

Singh acknowledged that he had no idea what to make of it, but he added that he expresses himself through fashion. He responded, “I used to be reticent about expressing myself.” “I felt judged. I would modify my behavior by the effects those judgments had on me.”

“At one point, I gave up. “I’m glad that I’ve evolved into a person who consistently dresses in this manner,” he added.

What is the key to his impeccable style?

Another fan inquired about the “secret” behind his fashion sense, to which the actor replied that it is simply who he is and not a character he is attempting to cultivate. “It’s not like I planned for this persona to be flamboyant in dress or anything. It’s just me.”

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“I enjoy wearing colorful clothing. I love colorful and vibrant objects. Over time, I’ve realized that the maximalist school is more appealing to me. “However, when it comes to spaces such as a home or vanity van, I prefer everything to be extremely minimal, almost painfully minimal,” he responded.

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