“Jassim Classic: Emirati’s Journey from Dream to Reality with 27 Classic Cars”

"Jassim Classic: Emirati's Journey from Dream to Reality with 27 Classic Cars"

Jassim Mubarak, an Emirati who spent years admiring classic cars during his travels around the world, has turned his lifelong passion into a living reality. Known among classic car enthusiasts as Jassim Classic, he now owns an impressive collection of 27 vintage automobiles, a dream he had cherished until his retirement.

Mubarak’s collection, a mix of vehicles stationed at his residence and others housed in a specially constructed garage in Sajaa, is more than just a display of automotive history; it’s a testament to his dedication to preserving the essence of classic motoring. “Driving a classic car offers a pure and unadulterated thrill that modern vehicles simply cannot match,” Jassim shared, highlighting the unique joy he finds in taking his cars for a spin every day.

His passion for classic cars recently found a public platform at the inaugural Sharjah Classic Cars Festival, where Jassim was among several collectors who showcased their treasures. The festival, which kicked off on Friday and will run until Sunday, February 4, features over 300 vintage vehicles. Held at the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum, the event offers a rare glimpse into automotive history, with exhibits including some of the world’s rarest cars, dating back to as early as 1915. This year’s festival also introduced visitors to the oldest metal plates for cars and vintage fuel pumps, marking their debut presentation.

Jassim Classic’s story is not just about owning classic cars; it’s about fulfilling a dream and sharing that joy with the world. Through his collection, he invites others to experience the timeless allure of classic motoring, preserving a piece of history for future generations to admire.

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