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How to Do Your Eyebrows: A Guide for Beginners on How to Do Your Eyebrows Like a Pro

How to Do Your Eyebrows: A Guide for Beginners on How to Do Your Eyebrows Like a Pro

How to Do Eyebrows

How to look your Eyebrows impressive? We have got you covered. This often-overlooked facial feature is more significant than you may realize; your eyebrows frame your face and, depending on how you shape them, can make your eyes appear bigger and more alert.

How to define your brows? It can appear daunting even if you’ve never used an eyebrow pencil or have been plucking and combing your eyebrow hair for years. However, making flawless eyebrows is relatively simple. Following your natural eyebrow form and working with what you have is the key.

In five simple steps, we will demonstrate how to shape your eyebrows like a professional makeup artist.

Step 1: Collect your materials and locate natural light.

How to Do Eyebrows

A beautiful eyebrow shape begins with the right equipment at a salon and at home. According to Healy, you will require a brow pencil, angled stainless steel tweezers, a spoolie brush, and a set of small, sharp brow scissors. In place of the meeting, Bailey suggests a clear brow gel of your choosing. In addition, Bailey offers some cold compresses prepared by soaking cotton rounds or soft paper towels in water and chilling them in the refrigerator.

Before you begin shaping your eyebrows, you must also wash your face. Cleansing will remove any makeup and skincare product residue that may make it more difficult for tweezers to grasp tiny brow hairs.

Step 2: Do not over-pluck your eyebrows.

How to Do Eyebrows

This may sound obvious to some, but let me quickly remind you: one of the simplest ways to have the most fabulous eyebrows of your life is to leave them alone !!!. Yes, tweezers are fantastic for removing stray hairs, but they are not the finest tool for shaping your eyebrows (more on that in a bit).

Umbreen Sheikh, founder and CEO of Wink Brow Bar has told Cosmo, “Try to tweeze relatively far away from your eyebrow—you don’t want to do actual shaping, so simply take hairs that are out of place or further out from your brow line.” The summary: When you bring out your tweezers, it is practically inevitable that you will pluck too much, so use them with caution, okay?

Step 3: Select the appropriate eyebrow products

Because there are so many alternatives to eyebrow cosmetics, it’s crucial to use the correct one. First, consider your brow objectives. Are you attempting to fill in voids and provide a definition? Grab a powder and an angled brush for your brows. Are you trying to shape and comb your hair lightly? Apply a lightweight eyebrow gel. Uncertain about what you want or need? Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine several goods; there is no right or wrong; instead, focus on finding the product that best suits your needs.

Step 4: Determine Your Form

Before getting groomed, you must determine the contour of your eyebrows. You can visit a professional brow stylist (or a waxing or threading specialist) to begin starting, but you can also accomplish this at home with the eyebrow brush from your toolkit.

How to determine your brow shape?

First, position one end of the brush on the outside of your nostril and the other at the inner corner of your eye to form a vertical line. Here is where the front of your eyebrow should begin. Mark the location with a small dot using your brow pencil, and then repeat on the other brow.

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Next, align the brush’s tip with your pupil’s center. Your ideal arch should be located where the brow brush overlaps your brow. Mark it with another brow pencil dot, then repeat on the opposite eye.

Finally, move the brush’s tip to the outer corner of your eye (keep the bottom of the meeting next to your nostril). Your perfect eyebrow form should terminate here. Mark a dot, then repeat on the opposite side. Connect the dots until the eyebrows are outlined, and you’re done!

Step 5: Highlight and refine

Utilize a highlighter to emphasize the job you just performed on your eyebrows. Defining and highlighting the curve of your brows can be accomplished by swiping your highlighter directly beneath and just above your eyebrow arch. Then, only incorporate it using your ring finger. Do you have any smudges between your brows? Utilize concealer for a speedy touch-up.

Beautiful, shaped brows are at your disposal. Remember that experimentation and practice are essential. There is no single “correct” eyebrow style. So experiment to discover the look (or looks) you love.

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