Great Dane named world’s tallest dog – but is ‘terrified’ of one thing

A Great Dane named after Macaulay Culkin’s iconic character from Home Alone has achieved the impressive title of the world’s tallest dog, as confirmed by Guinness World Records.
Kevin, the Great Dane, stands at an astounding height of 0.97 meters (3 feet 2 inches) from his feet to his withers, which is the ridge between the shoulder blades. When he stands on his hind legs, he reaches approximately 7 feet tall, making him a truly towering presence.
This gentle giant, now three years old, resides in West Des Moines, Iowa. Kevin shares his home with a diverse group of other pets, including three dogs—one of which is a pug—and four cats. His owner, Tracy Wolfe, lovingly describes him as the “epitome of a gentle giant,” noting his love for hogging the sofa and his overall gentle demeanor.
Despite his massive size, Kevin is known for his efforts to make himself less intimidating to other dogs. He often crouches and crawls when interacting with them. Interestingly, Kevin has a notable fear of the family’s vacuum cleaner. According to Mrs. Wolfe, “He won’t let it come within six feet of him. He will jump and run to get away from it.”
Kevin’s size means he consumes a considerable amount of food, but he manages to stay trim. When he is out and about, he often attracts comments from onlookers, such as “Is that a horse?” and inquiries about whether he has a saddle. Mrs. Wolfe notes that “He’s always been very gentle with the other little dogs” and maintains a good relationship with the family’s cats. “Occasionally, he tries to chase them, but if he catches them, he just licks them,” she adds.
While Kevin’s height is remarkable, he is still shorter than the tallest dog ever recorded. That title belongs to another Great Dane named Zeus, who measured an incredible 1.118 meters (3 feet 8 inches) and passed away in 2014 at the age of five.
Kevin’s story has captivated many, not just because of his record-breaking height but also due to his gentle nature and the way he interacts with his family and other pets. Despite his imposing stature, he embodies the characteristics of a loving and playful family member.

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