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Gold and embroidery adorned the coronation regalia of King Charles III

Gold and embroidery adorned the coronation regalia of King Charles III

On Saturday, at his coronation in London, Charles III will don the heavy golden robes of his ancestors, which were inspired by religious dress and designed to invoke a divinely royal quality.

The majority of the garments had previously been worn by Charles III’s grandfather, George VI, at his 1937 coronation and by his great-grandfather, George V, in 1911.

Buckingham Palace stated in a statement that although it is customary to reuse some of these historic garments, the King will also wear others from previous coronations “in the interest of durability and efficiency.”

In order of appearance, these are the garments the monarch will don during the ceremony.

Robe de État

The monarch wears the gown of state, a long, embroidered velvet cloak, when he arrives at Westminster Abbey. Charles will don the crimson velvet one created by George VI.

Ede and Ravenscroft, the oldest tailor’s business in London, which has made clothing for every coronation since King William III and Queen Mary II’s in 1689, has preserved the lining and lace of this garment until the coronation.

White linen blouse

The monarch will be anointed with sacred oil while wearing a simple white linen shirt.

Colombium sindonis

The term “colombium sindonis” in Latin alludes to a garment worn following the anointing. It is a sleeveless tunic made of white linen with a modest collar and a single button closure. The garment was donned by King George VI.

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The’supertunica’ or supertunic is a gold-embroidered, long-sleeved silk tunic worn after the anointing ceremony.

In 1953, the garment was created for King George V and wore by George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. It weighs roughly two kilograms.

Its design has changed little since the Middle Ages and is heavily influenced by religious attire. The silk is woven with delicate gold threads.

Coronation chain

Also produced in 1937, the ‘coronation sword belt’ is composed of cloth with gold embroidery and a gold fastener. It is worn around the midsection of the monarch over the’supertunic’.

The belt ornament is adorned with national symbols. Its clasp is used to hold the ‘offering sword’, which is intended to protect the virtuous and punish the evil.

Royal took

The long, narrow silk shawl with gold embroidery is draped over the monarch’s shoulders. It resembles the stoles that priests and bishops wear.

Imperial robe

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In addition to the’supertunic’, the imperial robe is another remarkable coronation garment.

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Supertunic cloak

It was manufactured for George IV’s coronation in 1821 and will be the oldest garment worn on Saturday.

It is made of woven gold fabric with colored strands. It fastens at the bosom with an eagle-shaped gold clasp.

Red roses, blue thistles, green clovers, fleur-de-lis, and eagles adorn the mantle. It weighs between 3 and 4 kilograms.

William, the eldest son and heir apparent of King Charles, will assist his father in donning the crown.

Coronation glove

During the ceremony, the monarch will use this one-of-a-kind white leather glove to carry the sovereign’s sceptre and cross in his right hand.

This glove was created specifically for King George VI. In gold metallic thread, the cuff is embroidered with national symbols such as roses, shamrocks, thistles, and acorns.

Ball attire

The gala robes worn by crowned monarchs when departing the abbey are more personal than the state robes worn when entering the church.

The purple silk velvet gown with gold embroidery that belonged to his ancestor George VI will be worn by Charles III.(AFP)

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.ES; Veerle Versteeg translated and edited it into English.

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