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Shoppers can now digitally try on 3D jewelry, courtesy of fashion technology.

Shoppers can now digitally try on 3D jewelry, courtesy of fashion technology.

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A novel virtual try-on solution for jewelry, especially necklaces, has been introduced by Perfect Corp.

Digital innovation in the jewelry industry has allowed merchants and jewelry makers to improve online customer shopping experiences by catering to customers’ sizing and fit preferences.

Perfect Corp. said in a statement that their virtual try-on technology enables retailers to digitize their product lines, including the ability to put on necklaces of varying styles and lengths. When trying on a necklace in augmented reality (AR), users get a near-perfect simulation of the real thing thanks to AI that tracks their neck and clavicle in real time. High-resolution textures and material reflections from 3D AR and Physically Based Rendering Technology offer the illusion of highly lifelike virtual jewelry. Rigid body dynamics and simulated motion provide the technical foundation for the AR necklace’s ability to track the user’s every move in real time.

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Although virtual try-on technology for clothing has been around for a while, it has yet to make its way onto the websites of major online retailers. New York-based AI and augmented reality beauty and fashion tech solutions provider Perfect Corp. was an early leader in adapting the shopping experience for the digital age, having released a series of apps for digitally testing on make-up items and doing skin diagnosis.

Consumers of today’s vogue want unique and engaging retail encounters. These enhanced experiences are now essential to offer, whether customers are purchasing online or in a physical store. “We are excited to introduce our new AI-powered virtual try-on solution for necklaces to the jewelry space,” stated Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder Alice Chang. This innovation has the potential to simplify and customize the shopping experience for consumers, boosting their trust in products and encouraging them to make more informed purchases.

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