Australian cryonics firm freezes first client In hopes of bringing him back to life in future

A Sydney man has made history as the first person in Australia to have his body cryogenically frozen after death, with the hope of being revived in the future. Last week, Australian firm Southern Cryonics announced that they had successfully preserved their inaugural client, who they are referring to as “Patient One.” The process reportedly cost $170,000 (£88,400).

The man, who passed away earlier this month in his 80s, was immediately transferred from the hospital’s cooling room to a funeral home, where his body was packed in ice to preserve it. A specialized team, including clinical perfusionists and a doctor, then worked tirelessly for 10 hours, following strict protocols designed to stabilize the body for cryogenic freezing.

Southern Cryonics shared their excitement on X, stating, “We’re thrilled to announce our first successful cryonics suspension with Patient 1! Thanks to our incredible team and partners for their swift and dedicated efforts. A major milestone for Southern Cryonics.”

According to the company, they had been closely monitoring Patient 1’s condition, and upon learning of his deteriorating health, they were prepared to respond quickly. After his passing on May 12 in Sydney, the team was immediately dispatched to handle the delicate process of cryogenic preservation.

To stabilize the body, Southern Cryonics employed the latest type of ECMO machine, a variant of the heart-lung bypass machine commonly used in open-heart surgery. This advanced technology is crucial for maintaining the body’s condition during the initial phases of cryonic suspension.

This groundbreaking event marks a significant milestone for Southern Cryonics and the future of cryonics in Australia. The company’s successful preservation of Patient 1 not only demonstrates their capabilities but also opens up new possibilities for those who hope to extend their lives through cryogenic technology. As the field of cryonics continues to develop, Southern Cryonics aims to be at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of life preservation and future revival.

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