Aliya Riaz Sets New Record in National Women’s T20 Tournament 2024

Aliya Riaz Sets New Record in National Women’s T20 Tournament 2024"


  • Highlight Aliya Riaz’s impressive century for Rawalpindi Women against Multan Women.
  • Mention the venue, Shoaib Akhtar Cricket Stadium in Rawalpindi, and the context of the tournament.

Section 1: Aliya Riaz’s Record-Breaking Innings

  • Detail Aliya Riaz’s unbeaten 118 runs off 61 balls, including 4 sixes and 17 fours.
  • Emphasize that this score is the highest in the T20 format among women batters in Pakistan.

Section 2: Surpassing Previous Records

  • Compare Aliya’s achievement with the previous highest scores by Sidra Amin and Ayesha Zafar.
  • Provide a brief background on Sidra Amin and Ayesha Zafar’s performances.

Section 3: Match Overview

  • Recap the match, starting with Multan Women winning the toss and inviting Rawalpindi Women to bat.
  • Highlight the total score set by Rawalpindi Women and Aliya’s role in it.

Section 4: Multan Women’s Response

  • Describe Multan Women’s attempt to chase the target.
  • Mention key performances from Multan Women’s side, including the bowlers who took wickets.


  • Summarize Aliya Riaz’s record-breaking performance and its significance.
  • Reflect on the impact of such performances on women’s cricket in Pakistan

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