A Great Way to Spice Up Your Makeup with A’mrij Highlighters! 

"Amrij", A Great Way to Spice Up Your Makeup with A’mrij Highlighters!

Matte skin trend has gone now divas are trendsetting with tantalizing & sumptuous shine on their faces that make them perfectly gorgeous. There are a lot of categories claiming to provide absolute sparkle coverage but mostly quality doesn’t do justice and all sparkles fade away so how you can satisfy your glamorous and sparkling needs for having a perfectly sheer and sun-kissed glow? Well, just replace previous highlighters with A’mrij bestselling Selfie ready liquid highlighter. It has 4 different shades that wonderfully compliment every skin tone for a picture-perfect selfie. No matter what skin texture you have, you should never compromise for having cinderella sparkle in your life, so go strike with it. 

While many ready-to-go divas want one deal that offers different hues of sparkle in one kit but again quality matters as well as longevity too. There is one product that you may be overlooking: A’mrij glowing powder kit designed according to every skin tone. What makes it the best glow palette among others? Well, it’s an all in one deal, 4 shades combine to give a highlighter, blush, and bronzer effect to create an illuminating shine and to accentuate your facial features. Stunning and luminous skin is no more a dream now, whether you’re starting your day or attending a major corporate event like a gala dinner where you’ll have to be at your best. Get glamour with A’mrij – sensational highlighters for an amazing finish to make your look ravishingly attractive! 

We have an important tip if you’re interested in incorporating this game-changer into your routine. We will share our favorite A’mrij highlighter & glowing powder kit, how you can apply it to achieve extra mile glow wooh!

How To Make The Most Of Our Favorite Highlighter Palette?

A’mrij highlighter palette is multifunctional as well as the best fit for your beauty arsenal. Here are the steps that you can follow to achieve optimum sparkle. 

Step #1: The first step is to apply bronzer with an angled brush to the hollows of your cheekbones, temples, sides of your nose, and jawline. 

Step #2: Incorporate some color. Apply the powder mixture with a blush brush on the apples of your cheeks for a healthy dose of color.

Step #3: Increase the intensity of illumination. Depending on your preference, you can apply highlighter colors with a tapered highlighter brush or a fan brush. First, apply the highlighter hue to your cheekbones in a swiping motion. 

Step #4 Sweep the highlighter to your temples and around your eye sockets with a fan brush. Also dust it on your cupid’s bow and the tip of your nose to add radiance. You are all set ready to get a bucket of compliments from everywhere.

Full glam-glow look:

To begin, pick where to apply a highlighter based on your looks need. For example, if you are seeking a quick cosmetic fix, an all-over full glam glow can instantly give you a dewy appearance. For this, you have to simply mix a few dots of selfie-ready liquid highlighter with your foundation or cream to achieve an overall face glow even you can highlight collar bones to have a perfect barbie glow.

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You can get a complete range of cosmetics which includes a high coverage A’mrij Foundations according to your skin tone to use with the highlighters. 

How to emphasize targeted areas:

If you’re going to wear foundation and concealer, use a highlighter exclusively on the high planes of your face, such as the brow bones, nose bridge, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow. Apply a small amount of selfie-ready liquid highlighter or glowing powder kit to each place and then blend with your fingers or a fluffy brush.

If you’re concerned about highlighting the incorrect area, keep in mind that highlighter works naturally for a perfect finish. For the majority of us, this includes the following:

  • Cheek apples
  • Between the brows
  • The eye’s inner corners
  • Nose bridge
  • Subtle chin
  • The bow of Cupid
  • Collarbone

If you’re all about the glow, a highlighter is a foolproof way to change your skin from dull to luminous in seconds. Get a long-lasting shine and bright radiance with bold A’mrij highlighters that are simple to apply and instantly enhances the glow of your skin. They are infused with micro-fine diamond particles; it is your turn to shine, whenever and wherever you please!

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