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Bold, Dramatic & Natural Eyes Secret Revealed with Rivaj HD Eyeshadows Palette

Bold, Dramatic & Natural Eyes Secret Revealed with Rivaj HD Eyeshadows Palette

"Rivaj", Bold, Dramatic & Natural Eyes Secret Revealed with Rivaj HD Eyeshadows Palette

Ever wondered what is the secret behind creating the perfectly ravishing eye makeup look to steal the show? Rivaj HD is the answer, its premium eye shadows are specially designed to deliver the optimum result for both professional and personal makeup usage. Now it’s time to turn yourself into a beauty diva with top-notch quality eyeshadows. You can add a splash of dimension to your makeup look by exploring different kinds of eyeshadows that are designed for every occasion whether you want to go with dramatic, bold or natural eyes. Now all is in your hands to play with vibrant colors and create whatever eye makeup look you adore without any limitations, let’s be dare to play the game by coloring your eyes! While doing makeup we know there is no rule, colors and brushes are your tools and your eyes are the canvas to paint them to satisfy your artistic & beauty desire.

Indeed, Rivaj HD can become the most important cosmetic for a makeup job when the goal is to highlight the eyes as the most important feature of the face. The key is to find hues & shades for your taste and for making the job easy we are here to assist you always. There is complete guidance available whether you go on the Rivaj website or visit us in stores. Out of many reasons to believe our customer satisfaction and premium quality deliverance is our top and main concern without any compromise. Secondly, Rivaj HD is an edgy and innovative cosmetic brand that is ready to dare experiments with vibrant colors. All of their products are the ideal examples to have deep, rich pigment with a lot of staying power. You can be a whole new trendsetter or social media content creator or even can get the booster of confidence in your daily routine.

Is Instagram to blame for our desire for vibrant color payoff in-person and on our iPhones? The verdict is still out on that one, but in the meantime, scroll down to see some of our current favorite pigments and how-to put-on eye makeup for every occasion-here is top secrets revealed! Every newbie or professional can go with Rivaj HD Pigment Eyeshadows, Magical Dazzling Eyeshadow, Shimmer Perfect Sparkle that are fool-proof soft and pressed powder textures to take the guesswork out of your brushstrokes and allow you to have fun with color and glitter — the more, the merrier.

"Rivaj", Bold, Dramatic & Natural Eyes Secret Revealed with Rivaj HD Eyeshadows Palette

How To Apply Three Shades Of Eyeshadows

Making an impression at a gathering or holiday season party is straightforward. Choose the most pigmented eyeshadow possible, and you’re ready to go! The ultra-iconic combination would be buttery pigmented that will melt away on your eyelids. Now, let’s obtain those beautiful, pigmented eyes with Rivaj HD pigmented Eyeshadows (21 in 1) palette.

If you want to add velvety and bold dimensions to your eyes then we would suggest Rivaj HD Magic Dazzling Eyeshadow (10 in 1). Go free and go matte with bursting hues for a change. Bright, brilliant, gorgeous, and snappy eyes, these ultra-powdery hues will make your eyes flutter today!

We have another option for those who love to add sparkling effects on eyes with Rivaj HD Shimmer Perfect Sparkle 9 in 1 palette. This palette will add dreamy shine & sparkle on your eyes and you will get a bucket of compliments guaranteed.

Let’s move forward with the tricks to apply different eyeshadow shades that work magically. Utilize different eyeshadow hues to create a stunning appearance by following the steps below.

Step 1: Priming Your Eyelids

Prepare your lids for makeup application by dabbing an eyeshadow primer onto them before reaching for your eyeshadows. The eye primer will assist in ensuring that your eyeshadow applies smoothly and Perfect Essence of Rivaj HD is all you need to prime your lids. If you don’t have an eye primer on hand, you can substitute a small amount of foundation or concealer.

Step 2: Choose Your Eyeshadow Palette

Grab an eyeshadow palette for a straightforward approach to discover three eyeshadows that look attractive, especially if this is your first time wearing three shades together. Rivaj HD Pigment Eyeshadow Palettes contain all of the colors you require in one product which includes 21 shades (choose your three favorites) in various colors.

Step 3: Fill Your Entire Lid With The Lightest Color

Utilize the lightest shade from your palette and apply it with a fluffy eyeshadow brush across your entire lid, all the way up to your brow bone.

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 Step 4: Apply The Medium-Colored Shade

Then, dab a brush into your medium shade and sweep it across your lid. Increase the intensity of the color until it reaches your preferred level.

Step 5: Fill Your Crease With The Darkest Shade

Finally, crease the darkest shadow from your palette.

Step 6: Add Eyeliner

While you could certainly stop at your shadows, why not amp up the drama? With the Rivaj HD Long Wear Gel Eyeliner draw a thin line over your lids, it’s water-proof and ultra-smooth, create killer sharp lines effortlessly and stay up to 24 hours without smudging.

Step 7: Enhance Your Lashes With Mascara

Without dressed-up lashes, no eye makeup look would be complete. Utilize the Rivaj HD Chubby Lash Jumbo Brush Mascara, it delivers a fully exposed lash by lifting, lengthening, volumizing and curling up to maximum hours without clumping.

Step 8: Complete Your Makeup Look

Because eye makeup should be applied first — so that any eye shadow fallout can be cleaned up without having to redo your entire face — you can proceed to the rest of your makeup after applying mascara. Begin with your base items, such as foundation and concealer, then work your way to the perfect lipstick. And, regardless of what you do, always finish your look with a setting spray. We adore the lightweight, non-greasy feel of the Rivaj HD Makeup Fixer. You are all set to slay!

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