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With these DIY hacks, you can be ready for the wedding season.

With these DIY hacks, you can be ready for the wedding season.

"DIY hacks",

As the wedding season approaches, it is time to prepare your skin for all the events you will be attending. With our skin enduring so much during the seasonal transition, it’s time to attempt some tried-and-true DIY skincare hacks that will work instantly and serve as the ideal pick-me-up for the impending wedding season. Choose the most effective ones and rotate between them to provide relief to your skin.

Senior Brand Manager of Nature’s Essence, Supriya Agarwal, discusses the top four tips and techniques for preparing for the wedding season, as well as one Master hack that works for everyone, regardless of the season, skin type, or occasion.

Perform A Skin Massage

Massage your face gently with your fingertips. Follow the massage with a gua sha stone or facial roller massage meant to alleviate stress in the facial muscles, increase blood circulation, reduce pigmentation, and impart a youthful glow to the skin.

Daily Moisturize and hydrate Your Face.

During the harsh winter months, it is essential to keep your skin not just moisturized but also hydrated, as skin tends to lose hydration quickly due to dry winter winds. While it is vital to use moisturizer numerous times per day, you must hydrate the skin once daily with a hydration-boosting cream. Mix a tiny amount of aloe beauty gel with your daily moisturizer and apply it to your entire face to provide your skin with much-needed nourishment. Say welcome to a dewy radiance!

Keep Your Lips Protected

During the winter, lips typically get dry and chapped, and concealing them with masks or lipstick might do more harm than good. We must care for our lips, especially during the harsh winter months. A nourishing lip balm certainly helps, but a weekly exfoliation does wonders. Utilize a facial scrub or a sugar and honey scrub to exfoliate

Allow your natural glow to dominate.

Ensure that your skin can adequately breathe by leaving it naked or without makeup. Before sleeping, you must remove all makeup, even kajal (yep, you read it correctly), to allow your skin to breathe, heal, and renew. Use a moisturizer or ordinary facial cream on a cotton swab to remove all of your makeup before you go to sleep on days when you are exhausted, such as after attending a spectacular Indian wedding.

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Master Hack: Drink Lots Of Water

The most effective method for achieving flawless, luminous skin is to consume 8 to 10 glasses of water. As winter approaches, the amount of water consumed decreases. Try not to lose momentum, as maintaining a strong metabolism is essential for fresh skin.

Summing Up!

Your skin is your most valuable item and the ideal canvas for creating any look you desire. It is impossible to be too cautious with it. If you make a strong beauty regimen a part of your lifestyle and carefully select the best products for your skin, you will be prepared for any event! All you need to do is make intelligent, long-term decisions so that promises of a quick fix do not lead to long-term problems and regrets. Ultimately, true beauty is achieved by being comfortable in one’s skin!

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