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Who exactly is Shahbaz Gill? What made him Arrested? Where is he right now?

Who exactly is Shahbaz Gill? What made him Arrested? Where is he right now?

Shahbaz Gill

Shahbaz Gill is a Pakistani academician, educator, politician, and former provincial spokesperson and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM). He served in Imran Khan’s government till April 10, 2022. He is the Chief of Staff to former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Amnesty International requested that the Pakistani government examine instances of horrific abuse in police custody.

Tuesday, Islamabad Police announced that senior PTI politician and party chairman Imran Khan’s chief of staff, Shahbaz Gill, was arrested for inciting against institutions and their leadership.

Shahbaz Gill was arrested for making remarks against state institutions and inciting enmity among its employees, according to the police.

According to sources cited by Geo News, Gill has been charged with treason at the Kohsar police station on the district administration’s complaint.

According to them, the case was registered under Sections 124-A (sedition) and 505 (statements inciting public disorder) of the Pakistan Penal Code. Gill has been accused of causing unrest and instigating individuals against the state, amongst other grave charges.

It is crucial to note that the PTI leader attempted to create hatred within the Pakistan Army while speaking on a private television channel the day before.

Shahbaz Gill

Shahbaz Gill

had been threatening senior bureaucrats and using foul language toward journalists. The leader of the PTI had engaged in personal attacks and below-the-belt statements against his political adversaries. This is a kidnapping, not an arrest.

Imran Khan, chairman of the PTI, has described Gill’s arrest as an “abduction.”

Imran Khan posted the video statement of Gill’s driver, who said that the PTI politician was subjected to torture and dragged from the vehicle.

“This is not an arrest but an abduction. Can such disgraceful behavior occur in any democracy? Political employees are viewed as enemies. And all to convince us to support a corrupt administration sponsored by foreign powers.”

“Progress toward Banigala”

Former federal minister and PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi have claimed that the Punjab police will be dispatched to protect Khan.

“I’ve heard about the movement toward Banigala. We are sending Punjab police for protection,” tweeted Elahi.

He added that all attempts to harm Khan would be halted. “To approach Khan, one must surpass the Punjabi government and the populace,” he explained.

In the meantime, the Islamabad police spokesperson stated that no operation is being conducted near Banigala and that 76 officers have been assigned to the former prime minister’s protection.

The spokesperson said that the superintendent of police (SP) has been designated as Khan’s principal security officer and urged the public not to fall for propaganda and false news.


The PTI requested the quick release of the party leader after sharing footage of his vehicle displaying smashed glass.

Former federal minister Murad Saeed stated earlier today that Shahbaz Gill had been arrested. He tweeted, “The foreign government is in a panic.”

Meanwhile, the head of the PTI, Fawad Chaudhry, stated that Shahbaz Gill was “kidnapped” by individuals who arrived in unmarked vehicles from Banigala chowk.

Murad Saeed stated on his Twitter account that the coalition government sent a clear message to the PTI leadership. He warned the government against arresting the PTI leader, saying, “Imran Khan is the red line.”

The former minister stated, without providing specifics, that after May 20, there was a dreadful plot last night.

Murad Saeed, criticizing the incumbent government, stated that their every action further exposes them. He added, “People have rejected you.”

Today, Gill was detained for the second time within several months.

The Punjab police detained Shahbaz Gill in Muzaffargarh on July 17 for reportedly visiting various polling places during by-elections in the city with his security men masquerading as FC personnel.

However, Gill denied retaining any security personnel in FC jerseys and claimed he was engaged for three hours before his unexpected arrest without a warrant.

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The Medical Board states Shahbaz Gill requires monitoring and evaluation.’


A four-person medical board has unanimously recommended that Imran Khan’s chief of staff, Shahbaz Gill, be further monitored and evaluated by specialists.

Shahbaz Gill

is being treated at the Pakistan Institute Of Hospital Sciences (PIMS) after being transferred from Adiala Jail to the medical facility.

The medical board concluded unanimously in a post-examination report that cardiologists and pulmonologists must follow and evaluate the patient.

In their report to the court, board members Prof. Lal Rehman, Dr. Ali Miraj Shami, Prof. SH Waqar, and Prof. Shajee A Siddiqui stated that Gill “may require additional investigations if necessary.”

The medical board also stated that Gill “has had asthma since childhood and has taken inhaled bronchodilators as needed; she now presents with shortness of breath, body aches, and left-sided chest pain.”

The board also suggested ten tests for Gill.

Who will be Responsible?

Last night, outside the hospital, PTI Punjab leader Ejaz Chaudhry asked the reporters, “Who would be responsible if something happens to Shahbaz Gill?

Chaudhry also inquired about the presence of extraneous individuals in Gill’s hospital room. “Inside the room is uniformed police officers. Additionally, others should not have been there, “Chaudhry stated.

“I urge the chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) to take suo moto notice of the hospital situation.”

Chaudhry also asked, “If a panel of physicians has chosen to keep Gill under surveillance, why are police swarming his room?”

He stated, “They should remain outside the room.”

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