Turkey assistance to flood victims of Pakistan

Turkish Plane for flood victims

Since the devastating floods in Pakistan, Turkey has been its pillar of support for flood victims among the numerous Muslim nations of the world.

Turkey has been trying its utmost to offer the impoverished flood victims with the greatest medical aid and food, this improves the relation of Turkey with Pakistan.

When this accident occurred, Turkey had already dispatched planes carrying medications and other supplies that might be useful for victims

Another Turkish jet providing medicine for flood-ravaged Pakistanis landed in Karachi carrying a variety of medications.

An airplane from Turkey carrying medicine lands in Karachi.

Turkish Airplane contains medicines for flood victims

On Monday, a second Turkish jet arrived in the southern province of Karachi bearing the best medical supplies for the victims of the disaster.

Along with the supplies, officials from the Turkish Consulate General came in Karachi to ensure the delivery of the products at any cost. They delivered the materials to Pakistani officials at Mohammad Ali Jinnah International Airport.

According to the latest report, an outbreak of many waterborne, eye, and skin diseases has occurred. In the previous month, a total of fifteen aircraft carrying relief supplies have touched down in Karachi.

Medicines and food for flood victims

The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) has thus far dispatched 13 “kindness trains” containing over 7,000 tons of relief materials, including tents, food items, medicines, kitchen items, vaccines, and other items, to flood-ravaged districts in Pakistan.

Temporary housing neighborhoods

The AFAD has also created temporary housing communities in the Jamshoro and Dadu districts of southern Sindh province, one of the most severely impacted places by recent floods.

In addition, they intend to establish the tent city in the Thatta area of Sindh. Similarly to Turkey, overseas celebrities have joined forces to aid flood victims.

Angelina Jolie arrived in Pakistan and visits the damaged areas last month.

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