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Police arrested Faisalabad Sheikh Danish for violently torturing a medical student after rejecting a marriage proposal.

Police arrested Faisalabad Sheikh Danish for violently torturing a medical student after rejecting a marriage proposal.

Sheikh Danish

The police have detained a father who allegedly kidnapped his daughter’s friend, subjected her to mental and physical torture, and forced her to lick his shoes because she rejected his marriage proposal.

According to the complaint Rukhsana Qamar, a BDS student, filed with the Women’s Police Station in Faisalabad, she was related to her school buddy Ana Ali Sheikh and would occasionally visit her home. She claims that Ana’s father, Sheikh Danish Ali, became interested in her and later proposed marriage, but she declined.

A college student in the Punjab area of Pakistan was harassed and sexually abused for refusing to marry a friend’s father. This female student’s hair and eyebrows were chopped off by her friend’s father and others, who also threatened to post a video of her abuse on social media if she did not pay them Rs 10 million.

The terrible occurrence occurred in Faisalabad on August 8, approximately 150 kilometers from Lahore. On Tuesday, a video of the event leaked, where the suspects are shown abusing her, chopping off her hair and eyebrows, and forcing her to lick their shoes.

Police said they had apprehended the main suspect, Sheikh Danish, along with his daughter and five further suspects. A spokesperson for the Punjab Police stated, “Police have detained seven individuals, including Danish and his daughter, and are conducting searches to capture the rest.”

The victim resided with her elderly mother, while her two brothers reside in the United Kingdom and Australia, respectively. The police have filed a case under pertinent provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code against 15 individuals for this dentistry student’s fifth year of study kidnapping, harassment, extortion, and sexual abuse.

The victim stated in the FIR that she and Danish’s daughter Anna are close friends with tight ties to Anna’s family. She stated, “Sheikh Danish, Anna’s father, proposed marriage to her, but my family and I declined. When I told Anna that Danish is the same age as my father, she became unhappy with me. His brother was pressured to accept the marriage proposal.

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According to the victim, when her brother refused the proposition, the defendant and his associates beat her and the girl before forcibly transporting them to their respective residences. The suspects forced the girl to lick Danish’s shoes, cut off her hair and eyebrows, and recorded the humiliation on tape.

The FIR stated, “The principal suspect (Danish) than sexually attacked the victim and recorded it on camera in another room.” According to the victim, the suspects stole their mobile phones, Rs 5 lakh in cash, and Rs 450,000 worth of gold jewelry.

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