Pakistan’s Tea Imports See Rise Amidst Broader Trade Shifts

Tea Imports
  • Brief overview of the increase in tea imports in Pakistan as per the latest Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) data.
  • Mention of the broader context of overall food group imports and trade deficit changes.
Tea Imports

Section 1: Rising Trend in Tea Imports

  • Detailed presentation of the increase in tea imports during July-December 2023-24, including both monetary value ($336.423 million) and quantity (139,751 metric tonnes).
  • Comparison with the same period in the previous year (July-December 2022-23).
  • Discussion on the factors contributing to the rise in tea imports.

Section 2: A Closer Look at Monthly Fluctuations

  • Analysis of the month-on-month and year-on-year changes in tea imports, highlighting the decrease in December 2023 compared to December 2022, and the increase from November 2023.

Section 3: Broader Food Import Trends

  • Exploration of the overall decrease in food group imports during the same period.
  • Statistical comparison to the previous year’s figures ($3,957.188 billion vs. $4,914.278 billion).

Section 4: Pakistan’s Trade Deficit and Export-Import Dynamics

  • Examination of the significant contraction in Pakistan’s overall merchandise trade deficit by 34.29%.
  • Detailed comparison of trade deficit figures between July-December 2023-24 and July–December 2022-23.
  • Analysis of the growth in exports and the decrease in imports, including possible reasons and implications for Pakistan’s economy.


  • Summary of the key findings and trends in Pakistan’s trade and import patterns.
  • Discussion on the potential impact of these trends on the economy and future trade strategies

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