Oxford offers financial aid to Pakistani students.

"Oxford ",

The esteemed University of Oxford has developed the Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) to address the underrepresentation of Pakistani and British-Pakistani students at Oxford and encourage an intellectual exchange between Pakistani and Oxford students.

The OPP began the initiative at Oxford’s Lady Margaret Hall (LMH), where both former Prime Minister (PM) Benazir Bhutto and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai attended school.

Dr. Talha J. Pirzada, the co-founder of the Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP), said that the program would award up to three scholarships in its first round, allowing Pakistani students to take benefit of Oxford’s world-class facilities and teaching program.

In addition, he announced the start of the OPP’s Visiting Fellow Programmes, including a program designed in conjunction with the Malala Fund, the Government of Sindh, and the non-profit Durbeen to provide chances for Pakistani academics to utilize Oxford’s research resources.

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