(2023) Jazz Call Package for 2 Hours Code

Jazz call package for two hours code

To subscribe to the Mobilink Student Offer for unlimited Jazz Minutes and free Facebook for up to 120 minutes for just 4 Rupees, dial *3000# Jazz 2 Hours Call Package Code 2023.

The Jazz 2 hours call package code is more popular among Mobilink customers. It provides more affordable and valuable call packages for SIM users of Jazz.

Jazz 1 provides information on how to subscribe to the Two-hour call package. This offer is also familiar with the student package’s moniker. You can activate this offer to acquire a Jazz Student call package to communicate with family and friends. The method of subscription is extremely simple to implement. Facebook is free for up to two hours without a data cap.

Jazz offers a 2-hour call package for only 4 rupees. The package activation is free. Every student desires to subscribe to such discounted packages. You can use this offer to have more fun for two hours. Also available for Rs. 55 is the Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Package.

How to Obtain Jazz 2-Hour Call Package Student Details for 2023

If you are looking for a jazz two hours net package that offers the best features at a very reasonable price, you should subscribe immediately.

You can make unlimited free calls for the next two hours when you activate this plan.

Therefore, it is crucial to remember that you must subscribe to this offer to connect with your friends, coworkers, and family. Below are additional details to help you understand the two-hour Jazz call package.

The Jazz 2 hours call package can be activated between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM. The package cannot be activated between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. The call setup fee of Rs. 0.13 will be assessed.

You can also subscribe to top Jazz internet packages and receive ample GBs for using Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, among others.

How to check Jazz/Warid balance?

Check the remaining balance on your Warid Mobile account using the USSD code *111#. Simply dial *100# on your mobile phone’s keypad to view your account balance.

Two-Hour Jazz Call Package Check Code 2023

Two-Hour Jazz Call Package Check Code 2023

To activate the Jazz two-hour call package, dial *3000#. You can also check the call package’s status by dialing *320*2#. You can also cancel your subscription to the Jazz package by dialing *320*4#. When you activate the 2-hour jazz call package, you receive the following benefits:

(1). Jazz On-Net Calls Bundle:

The code can activate the Jazz 2-hour call package. Following activation, you can make unlimited calls for up to two hours (120 minutes). The only hidden fees are the call setup fee and offer fees.

The call package’s peak hours are daily from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. The package deactivates itself after two hours. If you want to know how to check a SIM number without becoming overly concerned, read on.

(2) Free Facebook Package:

 After subscribing to a Jazz call package, 2 hours of internet access is provided for a duration of 2 hours. Facebook is available for free use for up to 120 minutes. It means that you can use Facebook unlimitedly for two hours. This is the most affordable call package offered by Mobilink Jazz.

Provisions and Conditions

  • Package duration is 2 hours with up to 120 minutes of free Facebook use.
  • The call setup fee is 0.13 rupees
  • You can also check your account balance.
  • The total amount of the package is Rs. 4

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