“It should not have been written” Hira Mani Issues Apologies For Her Insensitive Comments Regarding The Dua Zehra Case.

"Dua Zehra Case",

The entire nation is currently waiting for the final judgement in the Dua Zehra case, which has captured everyone’s attention since it became popular. Everyone weighed in with their opinions, and even celebs weighed in with their two cents.

Hira Mani joined them, but her remarks enraged netizens, and she soon found herself in the mamidcriticism. No one anticipated that she would make such remarks on social media, so her remarks shocked the social media users.

The Do Bol actress stated that Dua and Zaheer should remain together forever. As soon as her story got viral on social media, it caused mayhem on social media, and everyone condemned her for being insensitive to the situation.

Hira Mani released an apology video in which she compared herself to the late Aamir Liaquat in response to receiving unending backlash from internet users.

Monday brought renewed attention to the Dua Zehra case as the court sent Dua to a child protective institution in Karachi pending the final verdict. Hira Mani uploaded a video apology for her insensitivity.

The actress posted a video message on her Instagram explaining how “wrong” it was for her to have supported the marriage of Dua and Zaheer Abbas and assuring her opposition to child weddings and kidnapping.

She also claimed that she was unaware of the kidnapping allegations as she was on holiday in Dubai and had only learned about them through vlogs and interviews. Hira posted on Instagram Stories, “I want Dua and Zaheer to remain together forever. I am confident that Allah would hear my prayer.”

Her ill-informed remark created a firestorm on social media when individuals began calling her out on her lack of homework.

In response to the criticism, the Meray Paas Tum Ho actress defended herself vehemently. “I am emotionally correct but not politically correct. Thus, I am Hira Mani,” she explained.

Hira recognized

In her video apology, she stated, “Two days ago, I published an article supporting Dua and Zaheer. I was unaware that this was an abduction and that Dua is a minor.

I was on vacation in Dubai and had some spare time, so I watched a few YouTube videos about them, including their interviews with YouTubers, and formed a mistaken perspective.

She said, “Sorry karne se koi bara chota nahi hojata.” I am a celebrity because I have a large number of adoring and supportive admirers. And I have no idea how to disappoint my fans. Therefore, I apologize if what I said has caused you pain, as it has also caused me pain.

She also praised her husband, who informed her of every detail of the case and the entire scenario that caused her to change her opinion. “It wasn’t until Mani sat me down and detailed the complexity of the Dua Zehra case that I realized how worried her parents must have been.

And being a daughter myself, I know how angry my father would be to see me upset, and I know how upset he would be at this moment.”

I ought not to have written it. – Hira Mani

She also stated that “many people had discouraged her from creating an apologetic video, but because she is a “natural person,” she wanted to speak with her audience and the people she directly knew and insulted in an intimate setting.

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She added, “They said I shouldn’t have written what I did since I hadn’t done my research, and they were correct. You may say whatever you like about me, but I will apologize. Whoever is in the wrong should apologize, regardless of their standing.

I would also like to apologize to Dua Zehra’s parents for the grief they must have endured, which I have only now come to comprehend. It was my error, ignorance, and jazbaat (emotions). “At the end of the day, I am an actor, so I am very emotional,” she stated.

The actress said, “But one needs to put their feelings to good use, which I mostly do.” Hira took a moment to remind her followers of the excellent deeds she had performed

“You guys are witnesses to the fact that I’ve always been there, whether for a charity or to assist someone in need. I have done much social work at Covid since I am an emotional and sensitive person. So, I made a mistake.

I am human before being a star, mother, daughter, or sister. And since I am in the wrong, I have no shame in offering an apology. I apologize, sincerely.”

Accepting childhood marriage

As netizens blasted her for “condoning child marriage and kidnapped,” the actor clarified, “I am neither in favor of child marriage nor am I in favor of kidnapping.”

But witnessing how some individuals exaggerate the significance of my statement has also saddened me. I accept responsibility for my error. It’s unfortunate that, following Aamir Liaquat, I must be the one to create a video to explain myself in this manner.

And I have been upset for two days. I returned to Karachi without encountering anyone. Everyone in my family and inner circle of friends encouraged me to address the public. So here I am, praying for God’s protection over Dua Zehra, her family, and every other girl in the world.”

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