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IHC orders Shireen Mazari’s release and urges the government to launch a judicial investigation.

IHC orders Shireen Mazari’s release and urges the government to launch a judicial investigation.

"Shireen Mazari",

In the late hours of Saturday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) ordered the release of PTI leader Shireen Mazari and asked the government to conduct a judicial investigation.

The court granted the orders many hours after directing the interior secretary to bring the PTI leader at 11:30 p.m. Earlier in the day, police officials apprehended Mazari outside her apartment in Islamabad for a land ownership and transfer case.

Mazari stated at the outset of the trial, “I was delayed for an hour on the highway.” A male physician attempted to perform my medical examination. A female cop did not accompany them. Anti-Corruption Punjab officers were receiving orders over the phone. My suitcase was also searched without a warrant, and my phone has yet to be returned.”

She continued, “There was another individual with the anti-corruption officials, and he was likely with the ISI.”

At this point, IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah lamented the government’s inaction over enforced disappearances. “These occurrences occur when the Constitution is disregarded. Regarding violations of the constitution, any government is reprehensible.”

Mazari told Justice Minallah that she was tortured despite being 70 years old and ailing.

“This court will not compromise its jurisdiction,” stated the chief justice. Matiullah Jan’s abduction has not been investigated to date.”

The deputy attorney general responded, “We cannot work around the clock.” The inquiry into Matiullah Jan’s case is ongoing and will be concluded soon.”

The chief justice questioned how no one was aware of the specifics of Mazari’s detention.

He reminded the newly appointed Inspector General (IG) of the Islamabad police, Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, that the ultimate responsibility rested with the organization’s leader. When do you anticipate concluding the inquiry into the Mazari case?

“I just assumed the responsibility today. This incident occurred previous to my assumption of command, the capital police chief replied.

Mazari’s daughter demanded a judicial investigation, which was granted when the chief judge ordered Mazari’s release pending the investigation.

Additionally, the chief justice denied a plea about Mazari’s daughter’s remarks against Army Chief of Staff (COAS) General Qamar Bajwa. “Imaan Zainab Mazari is quite emotional, yet she is a highly regarded member of the bar organization.”

In the meantime, the attorney general commended the court for opening its doors late at night. “The political parties must now recognize that the court is present to maintain constitutional protection even at night.”

When asked after the court if she was targeted for her recent Twitter behavior, Mazari responded, “It is probable.”

Either Sana, Shehbaz, or agencies are responsible for my arrest: Mazari.

Mazari was brought to the high court by Islamabad police officials, who surrounded her as she entered the courthouse before the hearing began. She was reunited with her daughter Imaan Zainab Mazari-Hazir outside the courthouse.

In a walking interview with reporters, Mazari responded that PML-Rana N’s Sanaullah and Shehbaz Sharif or the intelligence agencies were responsible for her arrest.

When asked about her treatment, she responded, “I will tell the court.” They removed me from the vehicle without a warrant.”

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Mazari said, “This we do not know yet, but those transporting me to Lahore stated that Rana Sanaullah and Shehbaz Sharif had ordered her detention.” I will disclose every detail of the agony they have inflicted upon me.

IHC reopens after hours, outside of normal business hours

After Mazari’s daughter filed a petition against her mother’s arrest, the IHC reopened late at night, outside normal business hours.

Anytime “high urgency” matters can be brought before the court.

In a three-page court order available on, the high court asked, “under what legal authority were Dr Shireen Mazari’s fundamental rights violated?” The court had previously ordered that no MNA can be arrested without the permission of the Speaker of the National Assembly, and Mazari is still an MNA because she has not been de-notified from her seat.

The IHC issued orders to the interior secretary and summoned Islamabad’s Inspector General of Police, Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, and Islamabad’s Deputy Commissioner, Irfan N. N. Memon.

The court instructed that a copy of its ruling be given to Islamabad Advocate General Barrister Jahangir Khan Jadoon and Pakistan’s Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf Ali.

Mazari’s arrest

Today, Mazari’s daughter tweeted that her mother had been “beaten and taken away by male police personnel,” adding, “All I know is that Anti-Corruption Wing Lahore has kidnapped her.

The Islamabad police disputed with Mazari’s daughter, stating, “Female police officers arrested Dr Shireen Mazari on the request of the anti-corruption department following the law.” “Reports of such mismanagement are unfounded.” \\

Inaccessible footage of her detention, which was broadcasted by broadcasters, Mazari could be seen being dragged out of a vehicle by female police officers while she yelled, “No. Avoid touching me.”

Unidentified voices could be heard in the tape, assuring her that “there is no problem” and the subject could be resolved “peacefully.” “You are utilizing physical force. “Don’t take my phone, you scumbag,” was heard Mazari shouting in response.

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