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“I wanted to produce the film, not star in it,” Faysal Qureshi clarifies Parizaad’s statement.

“I wanted to produce the film, not star in it,” Faysal Qureshi clarifies Parizaad’s statement.


A significant question has circulated over the Internet for years. Why does the audience interpret celebrity statements differently? It has occurred again, most recently without the renowned actor Faisal Qureshi.

Faisal Qureshi is one of the most well-known actors in Pakistan’s entertainment business. He has portrayed roles that will never be forgotten. Recently, he participated in the podcast of comedian Junaid Akram and elaborated on his career.

He also shed insight on his career and the industry’s evolution during his time in show business. During that conversation, he mentioned something that went viral on social media after being taken out of context.

Faysal Qureshi & his statements

In the interview, Faysal Qureshi disclosed that he was rejected for Parizaad and expressed his delight at the success of the Ahmed Ali Akbar show. However, social media users misunderstood the statement and misrepresented it as “how Faysal was rejected from the show.”

Internet was in disarray; people were in tears over the statement. The actor was then required to come forward and clear the air. “Please share this video more,” the actor from Bashir Momin stated in a one-minute Instagram video.

“I am addressing all my supporters because people cannot comprehend such a fundamental concept. These pages are accustomed to citing you without listening to what you said and providing context.”

He said, “In Junaid Akram’s podcast, we discussed the script. I stated, “I submitted the script that was subsequently rejected.”

Faysal observed, “When did I declare in the presentation that, as an actor, I was about the essay Parizaad? I had cast another actor for Parizaad [in the script I had submitted], not Ahmed Ali Akber. However, I was quite pleased when Ahmed played Parizaad. He did it justice.”

Social media websites lack patience.

Faysal Qureshi claimed further that when he submitted the script for Parizaad, he attempted to recruit Mirza Gohar Rasheed. Faysal said, “I wanted Gohar to play Parizaad in the script I had submitted to another channel.”

“The issue is that these social media platforms lack the patience to comprehend anything. They are only capable of making a mountain out of a molehill.

“People join the bandwagon in calling us out without comprehending and verifying anything,” a celebrity remarked.

Faysal also discussed women’s trajectory in drama serials during the episode. In past dramas, the host Junaid Akram noted, that women were portrayed as strong protagonists. “If you select plays from the 1980s through the 1990s, you will see that women played strong roles onscreen,” Junaid stated.

“Their [women’s] body language and tone were distinct; they were certain. As time has passed and people have become more aware, our dramas have portrayed women as meek and weak. In prime-time television shows, ladies are slapped left, right, and center.”

It is a lengthy argument, according to Faysal Qureshi.

Faysal remarked, “This is an extremely lengthy debate.” He continued, “You must consider the number of households with televisions in the 1980s and 1990s. There is now a television in every other home. The educated do not watch our television dramas. It wouldn’t work if you created a philosophical play with points to contemplate, such as Ashfaq Ahmed Sahab’s script.

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He added, “I constantly warn them that if they want to film a philosophical drama, the channel will never see them again.

They would run the program [but will no longer collaborate with you]. We did our best to create shows that were thought-provoking and distinct from our standard drama serials, but there were no ratings. The audience rejected the shows; none of them were viewed.

“I was turned down” – Faysal Qureshi.

He said, “I recently made fun of certain individuals. Parizaad [has been so successful]. I desired to write this script. But I was turned away. Even my writer was furious with me for rejecting this play, but what could I have done? Everyone encouraged me not to produce it.”

Then he stated, “You know this occurs every time. Before Parizaad existed, the male-centric Pyaare Afzal succeeded in changing the tendency. There are diverse stories in Bashar Momin and Mera Saaien, among many other drama serials. They were all hits. But the reality is that a more significant audience prefers to watch shows that represent domestic topics more accurately.

I act such that I do not watch more television than my wife. This is a change we must acknowledge. However, there are certain dramas that guys enjoy. There are now new channels that I believe may acquire new content.

I am reading a script that is not typical of drama series. I believe it is time for people to realize that things need to change.”

Finally, he disclosed, “Do you know what transpired during the lockdown? Our clientele was avid YouTube and Netflix users. That is why television content expectations have risen. People now expect us to show dramas such as Money Heist.”

Faysal Qureshi has always supported his buddies and spoken up for them. The same way he did to Yasir Hussain when he aired his opinions about Iqra Aziz not working after having a child and Yasir working harder than before.

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