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Fun Gone Wrong! Fans criticize Naseem Shah for criticizing Azam Khan’s physique

Fun Gone Wrong! Fans criticize Naseem Shah for criticizing Azam Khan’s physique

Fans criticize Naseem Shah for criticizing Azam Khan's physique

Why is social media saturated with Naseem Shah and Azam Khan? One video that went viral on the internet incited everyone to anger.

Fans were unable to avoid responding to Naseem Shah’s act, which was inspired by a lighthearted joke that sparked backlash on social media.

Because he imitates Azam Khan’s walking manner and physique, Naseem Shah has been the focal point of attention. His admirers disapproved of his humorous act and accused him of body shaming.

Naseem Shah And Azam Khan – Fans Divided

criticize Naseem Shah

During Tuesday’s encounter between Khulna Tigers and Comilla Victorians, Shah was seen on camera making fun of Khan’s walking style.

Later, Naseem Shah attempted to embrace Azam Khan, but the latter pulled him away. As soon as the video went viral on social media, Naseem Shah was criticized for body shaming by his supporters.]

One user wrote, “Shameful to do it in public First you heated the moment with words, then simply to show you hugged him in public. Until then, it was acceptable, but then your body embarrassed him by acting behind him. Those claiming that it was a prank between two pals should have done so in advance.”

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Others said, “Naseem Shah’s mockery of his countryman Azam Khan is not even amusing. Azam Khan scores 12 runs off 4 balls, including 1 six and 1 four.

criticize Naseem Shah

One commenter believed it to be a gentleman’s game, stating, “Body shaming on the field. Someone informed me that cricket is a gentleman’s sport.

Azam Khan is demonstrating his skill to the world with his

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