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For This Shocking Reason, Meera Slapped Yasir Hussain.

For This Shocking Reason, Meera Slapped Yasir Hussain.

"Yasir Hussain",

Yasir Hussain and Meera Jee are two celebrities whose controversies, in addition to their work, have generated news. Whether it’s a bold declaration from Yasir Hussain or breaking news about Meera’s wedding, both stars will be featured prominently on the front pages of every newspaper.

Yasir Hussain disclosed on an Eid broadcast that Meera Jee once struck him at work. He stated that was the last time Yasir Hussain was struck. Yasir said that was the most dangerous smack he had ever gotten.

Yasir disclosed that he made a cameo appearance in Meera Jee’s film Baaji, in which her character slapped Yasir’s character after he threw her out of a movie, and she hit him somewhat hard.  =

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