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Five Therapeutic Methods That Can Save A Relationship

Five Therapeutic Methods That Can Save A Relationship

"Five Therapeutic Methods That Can Save A Relationship",

Couples frequently conflict because no two persons share the same cognitive process and worldview. Consequently, knowing how to manage conflict becomes essential, and this is where couples’ therapy comes in. Husain Minawala, the founder of Beyond Thoughts, counselor, Vastu consultant, and expert in sacred geometry states, “A counselor can assist in analyzing the spouses’ conflict-causing behavioral patterns. “Counseling facilitates couples’ ability to concentrate on themselves.”

Relationships are fraught with a variety of difficulties and obstacles. According to Husain, the foundation of a good relationship is efficient issue communication with the spouse. “Effective communication increases the couple’s mutual understanding. If there is a lack of communication between the couple, the counselor will foster healthy and productive communication by acting as a mediator. Through counseling, the couple can improve their communication by removing behaviors such as continually interrupting one another or speaking excessively without allowing the other partner to answer. “Couple therapy can assist partners in addressing and confronting underlying issues,” he continues.

Both partners must be willing to participate in couple counseling to discuss and confront their issues. There are various ways to conduct couple therapy, and the couple’s relationship goals will determine the most appropriate. Husain provides an introduction to the different guiding treatments.

Gottman Technique

This kind of therapy addresses the effects of negativity in relationships. Husain states, “approaching your partner with a good attitude might lead to better stability and empathy during disagreements and other tense situations.” The Gottman Method can be applied to couples in all stages of their relationship, as well as specific issues with finances, parenting, sex, and adultery. It is effective for same-sex unions, couples of different races, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religions, and aids in developing dispute resolution strategies.

Narrative Treatment

Couples who believe their relationship is failing due to both of their faults may find this helpful strategy. People describe their problems in narrative form and rewrite their stories as part of narrative therapy. The pair obtains a new perspective on the problem as a result. It permits you to investigate the past to bring to light negatives that would otherwise remain concealed. “Over time, using narrative therapy, both partners can better understand themselves apart from their problems and recognize how the language of their narratives influences their lives and identity,” explains Husain.

Emotion-Focused Counseling (EFT)

This therapy assists couples who wish to develop closeness and enhance their interactions. “Distress happens when the fear of abandonment is awakened,” explains Husain. To develop more empathic, emotionally connected responses, EFTgenerateteams understand each other’s attachment needs and concerns.” Their bond becomes more stable when partners learn to respond in this manner. EFT can assist partners in comprehending their and their partner’s emotional reactions. The purpose of EFT is to help couples strengthen their attachment and connection.

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Reflective Attendance

“The most prevalent complaint from couples is that their partners do not listen. Using Reflective Listening technique, the other partner can become a better listener in a way that is visible to the other person,” explains Husain. This communication method consists of two steps: attempting to comprehend what another person is saying and repeating back to the speaker to validate that the material has been correctly grasped. Reflective listening demonstrates to your spouse that you are actively attempting to comprehend what they are saying and are interested in what they have to say.

Imago Relationship Counseling

This therapy considers a couple’s issues as the product of unmet childhood needs and unhealed wounds that later become their sensitivities and generate conflicts or suffering in their relationships. “In Imago, the connection between childhood experiences and adult relationships is emphasized. Husain explains, “The purpose of the therapy is to bring these images to consciousness so that you can identify negative ideas, feelings, and behaviors, which will help you understand how your childhood traumas affect your relationship with your partner.”

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