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Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed Star in the International Premiere

Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed Star in the International Premiere

Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed Star

Ten years after Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed’s reunion, a new Zee5 Barzakh web series has finally premiered, and it’s breathtaking.

As a result of its selection at one of France’s most prominent film festivals — the Series Mania Festival — the series is not only garnering a Pakistani audience, but also a global audience eager to sample Pakistani drama.

Barzakh is the lone selection from South Asia in this year’s festival, which will take place in France from March 17 to March 24.

In addition to nominations for Best Series, Best Director, Best Female Actor, and Best Male Actor, the series was also nominated for the Student Jury Award and the Audience Award.

Barzakh Web Series Premiere – At Mania Festival

On this momentous occasion, director Asim Abbasi stated, “At its core, Barzakh is a family drama set in a world populated by mystical beings and strange occurrences.

The story was inspired by a personal loss and the accompanying concerns, which made me realize that love is actually eternal and compelled me to write a story about it.

Asim continued, “The selection of Barzakh at the Series Mania is a momentous yet humbling occasion for all of us, not only because it’s a show so close to my heart, but also because the selection is such a strong validation of our faith in this story, which is now finding its way amongst the best in the world.”

Unquestionably, it is a significant achievement for the Bazarkh series to premiere at one of the largest international film festivals and to also be nominated.

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What A Change

Directing a series as contentious as Churail to Bazarkh is a significant career shift for him. “Churails possessed flamboyance and kinetic energy. Its climax was the examination of fury, and our creative decisions for that series reflected this.

Barzakh is more interested in the voids between what is said and what is not said. It is mysterious and cryptic. Therefore, a different level of control, restraint, and accuracy was required,” he explained.

Last year, Sanam Saeed talked about reuniting with Fawad khan and discussed a little bit about the project. She described the situation as a family drama.

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