Eva B is wed to the musician Mudassar Qureshi.

Eva B
Eva B is wed to the musician Mudassar Qureshi

Mudassar Qureshi is the appropriate man for the evolving female rapper Eva B, who has found him.

The Internet was flooded with stories about Eva B’s wedding because she had shared numerous videos and images of herself in a bridal avatar on social media.

Eva B is one of those singers who attained enduring fame due to her mesmerizing performance in Coke Studio season 14 and subsequent singles that captured the attention of everyone.

In addition, her debut in the rapping culture is surprising to everyone because female rappers in Pakistan don’t evolve as rapidly, yet she came and shattered the norm.

Marriage of Rapper Eva B and Musician Mudassar Qureshi

She revealed the huge news and posted everything on Instagram on her special occasion. Fans could barely contain their happiness as Pakistan’s first female rapper, Eva B, weds musician Mudassar Qureshi.

Eva B is wed to the musician Mudassar Qureshi

Eva B posted a photo of her henna design on Instagram to announce her nuptials. “Finally! Alhamdulillah,” the Rozi singer said, adding tagging her now-husband Mudassar.

It became abundantly clear when the well-known makeup artist Waqar Hussain uploaded many photographs of Eva B wearing a stunning bridal gown. “First Look!” was the caption Hussain used for the post. Eva B’s marriage to the singer Mudassar Qureshi has undoubtedly astonished her fans.

Eva B’s Wardrobe Is Worth Investigating

Eva B looks lovely in a red costume with extensive gold and green embroidery. Even her hat, makeup, and jewelry enhance her appearance. Even for her “big day,” she flaunts her outstanding henna artwork.

Just after her Coke Studio debut, Eva B became the first female rapper in the industry, altering the rapping culture’s dynamic. She spoke about her trip and said that remaining silent would not benefit her in any way.

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