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Chaudhry – The Martyr | A story of bravery, dedication and sacrifice

Chaudhry – The Martyr | A story of bravery, dedication and sacrifice

"Chaudhry - The Martyr",

National heroes are a nation’s most valuable asset. They are the ones who inspire others through their bravery, and their stories motivate others. Chaudhry Aslam exemplified this for Pakistan. He was a brave police officer who always stood against terrorists who sought to harm Pakistan and the peace of Karachi. The action biopic Chaudhry inspired from real life incidents from The Martyr SSP Aslam Khan aka Chaudhry is being released on 24 June 2022 in Pakistani cinemas. The film is directed by Azeem Sajjad and Co-directed and produced by Neha Laaj. Chaudhry Aslam will be portrayed by DSP Tariq Islam a serving police officer.

In 2014, the renowned Karachi police officer was killed by a remote-controlled bomb on the Lyari Expressway in Karachi. During his lengthy police career, which spanned over three decades, he killed at least eighty terrorist suspects and apprehended a large number of notorious criminals.

Chaudhry – The Martyr is based on the life of Chaudhry Aslam Khan and how he fought against those who attempted to harm Pakistan and Karachi. The story appears intriguing, and we hope that the author has done the main character and the entire script justice. Numerous renowned actors are involved in this production, and they can be seen in the trailer. Actors like Shamoon Abbasi, Saleem Mairaj, Yasir Hussain, Sana Fakhar, Arbaz Khan, Nawal Saeed and Adnan Shah Tipu will be seen in the film. The trailor of Chaudhry features a song that somewhat establishes the film’s theme, and it is safe to assume that the film will feature many villains.

It was revealed from the trailer of the movie that the writer struck a balance between the realistic and authentic story and a few commercially viable elements. To attract a large and diverse audience, it is expected that the film will contain a few elements that may not be real but serve to make the plot interesting.

The filmmakers disclosed that the film was created with great enthusiasm and very dear to their hearts. Let’s observe the audience’s reaction when the film is released. The release date of Chaudhry – The Martyr has been moved to 24th June 2022.

View the trailer for Chaudhry – The Martyr. Releasing on 24th of June.

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