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Celebs Demand Privacy for Sajal and Ahad Following Confirmation of Their ‘Legal’ Divorce

Celebs Demand Privacy for Sajal and Ahad Following Confirmation of Their ‘Legal’ Divorce

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With rumors swirling around Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly’s rumored divorce, the fraternity urges fans and netizens to respect the couple’s privacy.

According to renowned journalist Amna Isani, Sajal and Ahad are now legally separated. After two years of marriage, the Yaqeen Ka Safar couple divorced.

For quite some time now, claims about the pair breaking up have been making the rounds on social media. The rumor mill acquired additional traction after Sajal changed her Instagram handle to Sajal Mir.

Several celebrities have turned to social media to implore that everyone respects the couple’s privacy amid the continuous suspicions surrounding their alleged divorce.

Azfar Rehman, an actor, came to Instagram stories to share a thought-provoking statement. “Divorce is a tough decision to make, even more so when the entire world is aware of you and your husband,” the Saza e Ishq actress stated.

‘Be prudent’

He continued by pleading with everyone to act appropriately rather than sending insensitive comments to the performers in question or connecting dots that may or may not have anything to do with the matter — assuming there is one.

“We must demonstrate sympathy and provide privacy for such couples,” the model-turned-host continued. “Please be understanding and refrain from bombarding their inboxes with insensitive queries. “Thank you for doing appropriately,” Azfar ended.

Freiha Altaf, a former model, and entrepreneur, also tweeted harshly to remind her fans that celebrities are also people.

I implored everyone to keep Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir away. She reminded netizens that “divorce is not easy” and that it must be a “particularly difficult period for the family,” implying that the allegations are credible. “Celebrities are also humans,” Frieha remarked. We must respect their privacy.

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“Stop posting images of Sajal and Ahad. May Allah provide them the fortitude to endure this ordeal. They should be left alone by social media and other venues. They’ve lost a home, lost love, and lost hope in their relationship, but they’ve also lost their character.

Numerous others made the same request.

However, the fraternity’s posts are being seen as confirmation of their breakup. They all appear to be convinced that Sajal and Ahad are undergoing a difficult time. Since yesterday, numerous blogs have also published confirming tales regarding the duo’s reported breakup.

However, keep in mind that Ahad and Sajal have yet to confirm or deny the stories. As a result, no conclusion can or should be formed until the relevant actors address the situation.

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