#JahezEkLannat: Say No To Dowry


Pakistan is a place of diversity, with numerous beautiful states and languages that symbolize togetherness, culture, and customs, among other things. I am quite pleased and happy to be a Pakistani. However, there are several instances of violence and torture in marriages just for the purpose of dowry.

Actually, I was curious to learn more about this topic and discovered that it has been practiced for decades. Dowry is simply the transfer of parental property, gifts, or money upon a daughter’s marriage. The most peculiar aspect is that as the groom’s occupation, money, and family legacy increase, so does the amount of dowry. Unfortunately, the girl’s education, occupation, or family heritage are not taken into account; instead, she is treated as a commodity.

To make matters worse, some married men have abused their spouses because they are unhappy with the dowry they received. Some even murdered or coerced their wives to kill themselves. Even though there exist rules and acts, the government does not pay attention to them or give criminals the penalty they deserve. Dowry is akin to a business for the groom’s family; in the past, it was limited to families from the upper castes, but it has since become widespread. Traditionally, dowry was provided to the husband or his family for caring for the bride, however we disagree with this practice. Frequently, the family of the bride had to take out enormous bank loans, sell their possessions, and donate their lands and other holdings

The situation became so dire that poor families began murdering their newborn girls because they knew they would have to pay the groom’s family if their daughter was married. . This system repressed women, and many of them attempted suicide as a result. Dowry has become a nightmare for women since their spouses harass them for wealth and money. It is estimated that over 8,000 women were murdered due to the dowry system. Dowry does not provide women with equal rights in society. It elevates men over women. Dowry can inflame the situation, as it is now a custom. Men don’t even care about their wives; they only desire money and presents. This system had existed for a very long time; after the British left, it just expanded. This system permits a great deal of domestic abuse that frequently goes unreported. We assume that dowry only occurs in rural regions, but the reality is that it also occurs in cities and towns. Most educated households anticipate that dowries will increase their fortune.

When we were children, our parents taught us good etiquette, such, “Say thank you” and “Never evaluate the gift that another person has given you.” Never disparage someone based on their looks, gender, body type, or skin tone. Since it is their gift, we do not have the authority to deem it “worthless.” But why do our parents change their stance on these issues as we age? Why does the groom’s family require him to evaluate the dowry they’ve accumulated?

At school, boys and girls are treated equally; they eat the same food, study in the same classroom, and receive the same lessons from the teacher in the same way. However, after the age of eighteen, it is difficult to find a boy with a distinct advantage over a girl. Why is it acceptable to degrade a woman after she has completed her education?

To stop this, we must first raise awareness among parents and their growing children. Educate them on how to interact with females. The government should execute or punish the perpetrators and deliver justice to the victim. We are aware that many individuals are working toward gender equality.

Therefore, offering or receiving dowry is unethical. And forcing someone to provide it is awful. Let’s hope that this horrible system will be eradicated from our society within a few years.

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