What fiery remarks did Ijaz Ahmed stir up about Pathan cricketers?

Former Pakistan batsman and previous member of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s national selection committee, Ijaz Ahmed, has ignited a firestorm of controversy with his incendiary remarks regarding Pathan cricketers in the national team.

In the aftermath of Pakistan’s disappointing defeat in the T20 World Cup against India, Ahmed took to a private TV program not to analyze the players’ performances or tactical errors, but rather to unleash a tirade against Pathan cricketers.

In his comments, he insinuated that Pathans, despite their purported lack of formal education and exposure to the broader world, wield disproportionate influence in the national team. Ahmed went as far as to claim that Pathan cricketers merely adhere to a routine of morning or noon prayers at the mosque with their family members, followed by idle hours spent at home.

Furthermore, he asserted that Pakistani teams often comprise a substantial contingent of 6 to 8 Pathan players. Predictably, Ahmed’s inflammatory remarks swiftly spread across social media platforms, eliciting widespread condemnation from netizens who decried his comments as not only irresponsible but also deeply offensive and unacceptable.

The controversy underscores the need for greater sensitivity and accountability among public figures, particularly in the realm of sports commentary where their words carry significant influence.

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