Viral Video: PTI Supporters Chant Against Shahid Afridi in Birmingham

A video of former national cricket team captain and all-rounder Shahid Afridi in Birmingham is making waves on social media, capturing a group of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters shouting slogans against him.
Afridi is currently in the UK for the World Championship of Legends event, accompanied by other former Pakistani players. The video shows Afridi leaving a tea restaurant in Birmingham, where a crowd had gathered to take pictures with the cricket legend. Amidst the crowd, some PTI supporters suddenly began chanting “shame shame.”

The video has elicited various reactions from social media users. One user pointed out that only a single PTI supporter was holding a camera and verbally attacking Afridi, while everyone else in the crowd showed him affection. The user praised Afridi’s character, noting that he still shook hands with the person insulting him. Another user commented that while it is acceptable to have political disagreements with Afridi, chanting “shame shame” slogans is highly inappropriate.

This incident highlights the ongoing tension between Afridi and PTI supporters, stemming from Afridi’s previous criticism of PTI founder Imran Khan for his negative politics. The video continues to circulate, sparking debates and discussions across social media platforms.

Adding to the controversy, Shahid Afridi recently denied claims that he endorses the Zionist movement. This came shortly after Friends of Israel (FOI) — a grassroots organization advocating for Israel — posted a picture with Afridi, alleging he “stopped to offer his support for our call to release the hostages.” In the picture, Afridi is seen standing with two men in Manchester, one holding a flyer about Israeli babies allegedly kidnapped by Hamas.

According to FOI, Afridi was pictured with the co-chair and deputy chair of the organization, who thanked him for his support. Afridi responded to the backlash with disbelief, urging people not to believe everything uploaded to the internet. “Imagine strolling down a street in Manchester (UK) and so-called fans approach you for a selfie. You oblige, and moments later, they upload it as some form of Zionist endorsement,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter). Afridi emphasized that any photo or association shared does not reflect his support for any situation where human lives are at stake, expressing heartbreak over the suffering of innocent lives in Palestine.

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