Video of Hareem Shah’s belly dance goes viral on TikTok.

"viral on TikTok",

She was born Fiza Hussain to Zarar Hussain Shah and attended a religious school. She is pursuing a Master of Philosophy in Comparative Religion at Peshawar University. Hareem Shah acknowledged her marriage to the Pakistan People’s Party leader on 28 June 2021. However, she withheld information about her husband.

This time, Hareem has fascinated netizens, as her most recent video offers evidence of Baku, Azerbaijan’s vibrant nightlife.

In the video mentioned above, a glammed-up dancer can be seen expertly swaying and dancing to the pace. While seated in a restaurant, Shah captures the occasion with her fiery dance movements.

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Hareem Shah, her husband, and the rest of the crowd are captivated by the belly dancer’s performance.

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