Towards Responsible Marketing – MoltyFoam MD, Shahzad Malik Shares His Vision for A Successful, Loved Brand

Shahzad Malik, MD Master Group, has been an inspiration for young entrepreneurs in Pakistan. He is working towards responsible marketing and changing the landscape of brand and marketing in the country.

Expressing his views on the same, he said,

“I firmly believe that in order for contemporary businesses to succeed at customer retention, lifetime value expansion, and name recognition, responsible marketing is more important than ever. Your consumers are affected by your company’s name, goods, and services. It’s on you to make sure it’s a good impression. That is why we as a Group keep responsible marketing at the forefront of what we do and want to accomplish!”, says MD Master Group, Shahzad Malik

Shahzad Malik, MD Master MoltyFoam, is of the view that in order to engage in responsible marketing, it is necessary to demonstrate a commitment to increasing the value of your brand. Responsible marketing, based on making the customer the primary focus of all company activities, is quickly becoming an absolute necessity for businesses that want to cultivate longer-lasting and more lucrative connections with their clientele.

He further added,

Businesses that are committed to the protection of their environment and its wellbeing will, as a direct consequence of those businesses’ efforts, witness an expansion in the size of their customer base. It is not as simple as ticking a few boxes off a list – if you want your brand to be entirely sustainable in the long run, you need to give careful consideration to the repercussions of every action you do – that is what we have been doing at Master Group.”

  • Added MD Master Group Shahzad Malik

Natalia Malik, Marketing Director of Master Group shares the same opinion; she always puts additional thought into each and every marketing initiative of the group. MoltyFoam recently collaborated with Kaghan Development Authority and distributed Master Nonwoven bags to curb the use of plastic. Using Master Nonwoven biodegradable bags, the aim was to keep Pakistan clean and help make the valley a plastic-free zone. The initiative was immensely lauded by both the locals and the government.

Natalia Malik, since her joining Master Group, has been heavily vested in CSR projects to help develop a softer image of the group. From the Non-woven bags campaign for a cleaner and greener Pakistan to partnering up with NGOs to empower women in the country, her initiatives for the brand are notable and praiseworthy.

The company has also vested in two wind power projects of renewable projects under Master Wind Energy, totaling around 103 MW in capacity. Shehzad Malik, Managing Director of Master Group adds,

Electricity prices in our nation have increased dramatically. In Pakistan, we need to minimize our electricity basket by using eco-friendlier power sources.”

He shared that it implies that one needs to think about the ways in which your marketing may be sustainable in addition to examining the impact of the items and packaging, as this indicates that you need to consider.

The Maliks have successfully turned Master Group into a well-loved and trusted mattress brand in Pakistan. Their vision, and the practical steps they have taken, have massively increased the brand’s visibility and reliability over the years!

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