To combat crime, Lahore Police officers will now wear body cameras.


According to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations Wing Lahore Captain (ret.) Mustansir Feroze, Lahore Police, has planned to utilize Body Worn Cam at E-Police checkpoints on the provincial capital’s entry and exit points for the public’s welfare.

He asserted that the plan of the Lahore Police Department would not only keep the city safe but also reduce citizen-police conflicts. He added that the Body-Worn Cam would also record the interaction (audio and video) between police officers and civilians.

According to SSP Operations, this measure will aid in identifying and eradicating criminals and terrorists. He asserted that this strategy would restore public confidence in the police and that citizens could file complaints in 1787.

The program will be overseen by senior police officials who will provide on-the-spot instructions for addressing public complaints.

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In several other countries, body cameras are already used, but police in Pakistan have never utilized them. This concept will unquestionably assist senior Lahore police officials in combating crime and monitoring officer performance and attitude throughout the day.

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