The Sweet Tooth Igloo in Hunza is becoming the honeymoon destination of choice for Pakistani couples

Pakistan’s status as one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet is certainly not a secret. This country has everything: exotic locales, lush green scenery, and mountainous regions. Once you decide to explore the northern regions of Pakistan, there is no turning back because the beauty and extreme nature will captivate you.

Sweet Tooth Igloo Is Changing The Pakistani Honeymoon Game!

After marriage, Pakistanis typically decide to travel abroad for their honeymoon, most likely to Switzerland, the ultimate honeymoon destination. However, have you ever heard of Gilgit Baltistan and its beauty? Well, this restaurant in the mountainous valley of Hunza is making Pakistanis reconsider their honeymoon plans.

The Sweet Tooth restaurant, located at Zero Point in Karimabad, Hunza, is becoming the ultimate honeymoon destination for Pakistani couples. The restaurant offers an Igloo-shaped room with a breathtaking view of Attabad Lake; such beauty in one location. Imagine having breakfast with your significant other in an igloo while overlooking the beautiful Attabad Lake.

Igloo, nashta, tum, main aur Attabad Lake. Kaisa laga?

This location is unquestionably a game-changer for married couples’ travel decisions. Sweet Tooth Igloo is going viral on social media, and Pakistanis can’t get enough of it. It is rumored that the hotel’s nightly rate is Rs.16000, and people believe that it is worth it. At this point, both the atmosphere and the adrenaline rush are significantly heightened.

Here is the magnificently constructed igloo. Sigh

Oh My God! Why hasn’t this received attention before?

For those who are unmarried, we apologize, and for those who are getting married soon, start packing your bags. Foreigners are currently traveling to Pakistan in order to witness its beauty. This country is truly endowed with breathtaking scenery and locations.

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