The Best Perfume Brand to Get This Eid to Match Your Style Statement

"asghar ali",

It is not always true that scents are created only for women; men are also intensely aware of them. Perfumes and deodorants are necessary for guys to survive in social situations. In a crowd, men utilize smells to retain their character.

True smelling is the most significant and vital desire for men, as it consistently enhances and enhances their character in all aspects of life. Men are extremely conscientious about maintaining attractive scents in their closets.

They have a variety of smells that they employ according to their requirements. If you’re also looking for the top 10 smells for men in Pakistan, you’ll find high-quality and top-rated men’s perfume below.

These top five male scents are easily accessible in Pakistan. Let us put them to the test below:


OUD AL FAIROOZ 45ML is a smoky combination of oud woody fragrance. Mandarin, thyme, orange, saffron, and bergamot are all delightful top notes. A magnificent blend of jasmine, olibanum, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cedarwood at the heart, with woody notes at the base providing the fragrance’s core. The Oud al Fairooz bottle features its trademark Fairooz/turquoise stones, which are both exquisite and remarkable in their own right.


MY LIFE FOR HIM deo is an Oriental Fougere fragrance that uplifts the spirit. Bergamot, rhubarb, cardamom, and clary sage are the top notes. Lavender, white flowers and rose are the heart notes. The base contains Tonkaa amber, leather, and patchouli.


MAJMOUA ALSHAER – KUTHAYYIR is a 100 mL perfume with a masculine, oriental fruity aroma. Fresh bergamot and lemon provide a zesty aroma, followed by spicy lavender, clary sage, and delicious pineapple. The heart note features dreamy floral notes such as jasmine, rose, violet, lilies, and gardenia with a fruity twist, as well as an oriental patchouli and Tonka bean. The base note is a blend of patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, amber musk, and moss. The poet who wrote his own sad love story of Khuthayyir and Azzah was the inspiration for this perfume. The tone of the bottle is similar to that of freshly cut lush green grass from the field. It features a lime green rocky medallion.


BAKAKAH DEBAAJ MUSTABRAQ exudes a flowery woody oriental smell that can be attributed to nature’s influence. With spicy citrus overtones of bergamot orange and ginger, this fragrance spray is ideal for evening night gatherings. A beautiful balance of oriental woody notes from Indonesian patchouli and rare Turkish roses makes it both breathtaking and wearable. Powdery notes combined with amber and the unique Madagascar vanilla serve as a balancing factor, contributing to the fragrance’s warm and inviting perfume.


Experience the energizing fragrance of BAKHAKH AL SHUROOQ, which harnesses the freshness of maritime smells while remaining energetic with notes of woody textures. When sprayed, this spray emits a high concentration of introductory notes: citrusy fresh green lemon and orange. The heart, on the other hand, transforms into a fruity peachy and apple note with its exquisite perfume of lilies, rose, jasmine, and cypriol. Patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, amber, and balsamic moss provide a crisp and woody foundation. BAKHAKH AL SHUROOQ presents itself elegantly in a 100ml quantity.

Automated operations in the ultramodern production unit and vigilance in quality control procedures contribute to the highest degree of production. To stay current with shifting market trends, the company continues to invest substantially in research and development to create new perfumes and beautiful packaging. Asgharali has created a diverse range of items, including sprays, non-sprays, oudh and bakhoor, burners and gift packages, as well as cosmetics and lotions.

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