Shahid Afridi faces online backlash for slamming Imran Khan and journalist Imran Riaz

Shahid Afridi, a prominent figure in cricket, is no stranger to controversies, often due to his penchant for sharing his opinions on a wide array of topics. His latest involvement in a public spat has drawn significant attention. The catalyst for this recent exchange was journalist Imran Riaz Khan’s critique of Afridi, accusing him of having a negative influence on the cricket team and allegedly lobbying for his son-in-law, Shaheen Afridi, to be appointed as captain.
Afridi did not hold back in his response. He countered by implying that political figures, such as Imran Khan, find themselves in prison today because of their own mistakes and the advice of poor counselors. Afridi suggested that had they received better guidance, their circumstances might have been more favorable.
Imran Riaz Khan, however, stood firm in his criticism. He contended that while many players might fear Afridi’s powerful influence within the cricketing community, he himself remained unafraid to voice his concerns. Khan argued that Afridi’s political maneuvers could potentially harm Shaheen Afridi’s cricket career, framing these actions as detrimental and self-serving.
Afridi, on his part, dismissed these allegations as unfounded and labeled them as mere propaganda aimed at monetizing YouTube views. He highlighted his commitment to charitable work through his foundation, contrasting this with what he perceived as trivial and unproductive online disputes. Afridi expressed his reluctance to engage further with his detractors, citing his limited time and the more significant priorities he has chosen to focus on.
In his rebuttal, Imran Riaz delivered a scathing critique of Afridi’s character, stating, “You have shown yourself to be a small-minded person with a weak personality. You don’t even dare to utter Imran Khan’s name. People make mistakes, but I hope you acknowledge that Imran Khan is in jail not for his mistakes but for his principles. Instead of ridiculing his injuries, I wish you would denounce the fabricated charges against him.”
This escalating feud between Afridi and Imran Riaz has captured the attention of the internet, with netizens expressing a wide range of opinions. Some support Afridi, praising his charitable endeavors and dismissing the accusations against him as baseless. Others side with Imran Riaz, applauding his courage to speak out against what he perceives as Afridi’s harmful political influence. The ongoing conflict continues to generate buzz, with people eagerly following the latest developments and weighing in on the matter from various perspectives.

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