Sajal Aly Will Star As Umrao Jaan In The Adaptation’s Eight-Part Series

Sajal Aly
Sajal Aly

Sajal Aly will portray the famous role in “Umrao Jaan” in the history of art. It will surely be the sa  lifetime project of her life, and she is the ideal candidate.

This endeavour will be a Pakistani version of the well-known novel Umrao Jaan Ada. This 1899 Urdu classic was written by Mirza Hadi Ruswa and depicted the 19th century in India.

The narrative is a cult classic; anytime its version is revived, people are eager to observe Indian culture, society, and courtesan life.

Sajal Aly as Umrao Jaan – Excellent Choice

Sajal Aly

Umrao Jaan has been adapted numerous times, but this time it will be directed by producer Hamid Hussain. “I can’t divulge anything at this time, but we are indeed adapting Umrao Jaan Ada with Sajal in the major part.”

He noted that, unlike earlier works, Aly’s Umrao Jaan is an eight-part television series rather than a film. It will be an eight-part television series, not a movie.

Sajal is one of the two female leads being considered for this television series.

Hussain asserted that the narrative would be unprecedentedly unique. Since it is a series and not a three-hour film, we have more flexibility to develop the characters and plot more polishedly.

Why does Sajal Aly exist?

Hussain explained why Sajal Aly is the ideal actress to portray Umrao Jaan: “It’s an old-fashioned romance drama, and Sajal has a good look. She was cast in Umrao Jaan because she best embodied the regality and grace required for the role.”

Sajal Aly

In contrast to past adaptations, this one mainly draws on Urdu literature. Hussain stated. “heavily on the original Urdu edition of the novel, unlike the cinema adaptations that took creative liberties to fit the story into a film storyline,” and “there is plenty in the novel that has never been depicted in an audiovisual endeavour.”

When Sajal Aly announced her separation from Ahad Raza last year, she devastated her admirers.

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