PNEC Students Introduce Pakistan’s Inaugural Four-Wheel Urban Electric Vehicle

Students at Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) have unveiled Pakistan’s pioneering four-wheel Urban Electric Vehicle, showcasing the immense potential of Pakistani students in technological innovation.

Led by Arham Khalil, this dedicated team of students meticulously crafted the electric vehicle using a variety of materials including iron, plastic, glass, fiber, and custom-designed tires for optimal performance. The vehicle represents a significant leap forward in sustainable transportation, boasting a range of up to 200 km on a single charge and rapid charging capabilities.

This achievement highlights the exceptional skills and forward-thinking approach of PNEC students, who have now developed their 17th car. It underscores their ability to innovate and contribute to the advancement of automotive technology in Pakistan.

During the unveiling ceremony held at a prestigious local hotel, Commodore Tauqeer Ahmed, Commandant of PNEC NUST, praised Team Envision’s impressive track record. They have represented Pakistan in 17 international events across 14 countries. He also announced that Team Envision will proudly showcase this innovative Urban Electric Vehicle at an upcoming event in Turkey.

Rear Admiral Mazhar Mehmood Malik, the esteemed chief guest, congratulated Team Envision on their dedication, stating, “The 15 years invested in this project are a testament to your commitment and will undoubtedly yield dividends in your future endeavors.” He emphasized the importance of Pakistani students continuing to serve as ambassadors of innovation, carrying forward the nation’s pride in technological achievements.

Pakistani students have demonstrated immense potential across various fields, showcasing their talent and innovation on both national and international stages. From groundbreaking advancements in technology to impactful contributions in arts and sciences, Pakistani youth continue to redefine possibilities. In fields such as engineering and medicine, Pakistani students have consistently excelled, pioneering solutions to local and global challenges. Their achievements range from developing cutting-edge technologies like the country’s first four-wheel Urban Electric Vehicle to making significant strides in renewable energy and healthcare research.

Moreover, Pakistani students have made a mark in the arts and humanities, producing thought-provoking literature, art, and cultural expressions that resonate globally. Their creativity and resilience in overcoming obstacles have earned them recognition and respect worldwide. As ambassadors of Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and dynamic spirit, these students embody a commitment to excellence and a determination to contribute meaningfully to their communities and the world at large.

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