Nitasha Syed’s Shaam Ki Chai Season 3 Releases Fourth Episode Featuring Atul Bagai

Nitasha Syed’s Shaam Ki Chai Season 3 Releases Fourth Episode Featuring Atul Bagai

Shaam Ki Chai, the acclaimed digital series conceived and hosted by Pakistani-Canadian media entrepreneur Nitasha Syed, premiered Episode 4 of her latest season. This episode featured Atul Bagai, environmentalist, and culinary custodian, currently Country Head for United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) in India.

Atul’s mother, the late Pushpa Kumari Bagai, was the custodian and exponent of a special culinary tradition – the vegetarian cuisine of the Hindu Pathans of Dera Ismail Khan. It was through Bagai’s preservation of the dietary customs of DI Khan’s Hindu Pathans in Delhi, that many families within her community were provided nostalgic comfort through cuisine, that helped preserve their sense of identity. Atul Bagai, then compiled her recipes into a now award winning book, translated as ‘Flavours of the Frontier – Forgotten Recipes from Dera Ismail Khan’, a cross-border and cross-cultural initiative, featuring fusion recipes from India and Pakistan, passed down from one generation to the next, embodying the spirit of food for peace and the preservation of culture.

In this episode, Atul talks about his Dera Ismail Khan roots, taking Nitasha Syed on a journey through the concept of home—its significance, its creators, and the emotional weight it carries. Reflecting on his family’s migration to India, Atul shared the poignant story of their journey, where like many, they made the difficult decision of leaving behind their home, carrying only bare essentials, cherished individual identities and traditions.

During the episode, Atul talks about the remarkable connection between the people of India and Pakistan, despite political divide. He found this connection vividly expressed in the shared culinary traditions between the two nations. From vibrant markets to cherished recipes such as Doli Roti, these traditions unite people beyond borders. He believes that preserving these shared customs will maintain a deep connection, transcending politics and geography.

As “Shaam Ki Chai” continues to unravel narratives and encourage cultural introspection, Episode 4 stands as a testament to Nitasha Syed’s commitment to fostering meaningful dialogue and understanding.

The episode went live on Shaam Ki Chai’s official YouTube channel at 6 PM Pakistan Standard Time on the 9th of March 2024.

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