Mubashir Lucman alleges that Babar Azam has been given lavish gifts for significant defeats

In a startling revelation, senior journalist Mubashir Luqman has alleged that Pakistan cricket captain Babar Azam has received lavish gifts as incentives for ensuring significant defeats. Luqman claimed that Azam was rewarded with extravagant items including an Audi E-tron and apartments in prime locations like Australia and Dubai. These allegations have sparked widespread controversy within the cricketing community, with calls for an investigation into the integrity of match outcomes under Azam’s captaincy. As the controversy unfolds, questions arise about the transparency and ethical standards in Pakistan’s cricketing circles.

Following Pakistan’s T20 World Cup disappointment, Babar Azam faced criticism and offered to step down from his role as white-ball captaincy. However, he emphasized that accountability for the team’s struggles rests with the entire squad.

“We didn’t perform well as a team; it’s not because of one individual that we lost. We simply couldn’t gel as a team,” Babar stated during a post-match press conference in Florida, following Pakistan’s victory over Ireland.

Regarding his captaincy, Babar clarified, “I had offered to resign when I felt it was appropriate, and I made that decision public. The PCB returned the responsibility to me, and upon our return, we will review our performance here. If stepping down is necessary, I will publicly announce it myself.”

He added, “At the moment, I haven’t made a final decision. If the PCB chairman believes changes are necessary, we will discuss it.”

In a shocking twist, senior journalist Mubashir Luqman has claimed that Babar Azam has received lavish gifts such as an Audi E-tron and apartments in Australia and Dubai in exchange for orchestrating notable defeats

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