Man Suffers Heart Attack After Winning 33 Crore Jackpot

A casino in Singapore witnessed a dramatic turn of events when a man, known for frequenting the Marina Bay Sands Casino, suffered a heart attack shortly after winning a staggering ₹33 crore jackpot (approximately 3.2 million pounds). According to reports from on June 22nd, the unnamed man, overwhelmed with joy upon his life-changing win, collapsed unexpectedly while celebrating, causing panic among onlookers.
Witnesses described how the jubilant atmosphere quickly turned somber as the man, amidst celebrations and cheering, suddenly fell to the ground due to cardiac arrest. Prompt medical assistance was rendered by casino staff and concerned bystanders, with his companion anxiously pleading for help.
He was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital for urgent medical care, where he is currently recovering from the cardiac incident. Despite erroneous social media reports suggesting otherwise, industry insiders have confirmed that the man is alive and undergoing treatment, refuting claims of his demise.
Addressing the misinformation, a spokesperson for the casino expressed condemnation over the false reports circulating online, underscoring the distress caused to the man’s family. Additionally, there have been conflicting reports regarding the exact amount won by the gambler, although official clarification is pending.
Owned and operated by Las Vegas Sands, a prominent Nevada-based company that reported revenues of $10.4 billion last year, the Marina Bay Sands Casino remains a focal point of global gambling and entertainment.
This incident echoes similar tragedies in other parts of the world, such as the unfortunate discovery of a deceased man with a winning ticket in Michigan in 2021, as well as a recent case in Las Vegas where a man suffered cardiac arrest at a blackjack table in April.

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