Karan Johar Faces Tough Questions from Kids About Surrogacy, Opens Up About Parenting Challenges

Karan Johar, the celebrated Bollywood filmmaker and single parent, recently found himself navigating a delicate and emotional conversation with his children about their origins. Johar, who welcomed his twins, Yash and Roohi, via surrogacy, revealed that his kids have started asking probing and insightful questions about their birth. The children, curious about their family structure, asked him directly, “From whose stomach did we come out?” This question was particularly poignant as they also pointed out that their ‘mama’ is actually their grandmother, Hiroo Johar.

Facing these profound and challenging questions, Karan Johar plans to seek guidance from a school counselor to help his children understand their unique family situation. Johar believes that professional support will be beneficial in helping his children grasp the concept of surrogacy in an age-appropriate manner. This candid revelation highlights the complexities and sensitivities of modern parenting, especially for single parents who navigate these discussions alone.

In addition to addressing their curiosity about surrogacy, Karan Johar also opened up about his concerns regarding his son’s weight. During an in-depth conversation with journalist Faye D’Souza, Johar confessed that it breaks his heart to see his son consuming sugar and gaining weight, a situation that often leaves him feeling paranoid. “I want him to be happy and joyous because he is a happy child,” he explained, acknowledging the delicate balance between encouraging a healthy lifestyle and allowing his son to enjoy his childhood without undue stress.

Johar admitted that he often refrains from expressing his concerns directly to his son. He believes that at this tender age, it is crucial for his son to experience life fully and without the burdens of adult anxieties. “I can see the genetics and I cannot call it a flaw as he has gotten it from my mother and my son is getting it from me,” Johar reflected, showing an understanding of the hereditary nature of body weight and the need for empathy and acceptance.

Reflecting on a recent family vacation, Johar recounted an incident where he mentioned his son’s weight. Realizing the potential impact of his words, he quickly hugged his son, apologized, and reassured him that he could eat whatever he wanted. This heartfelt moment underscores Johar’s deep love for his children and his internal struggle to balance health concerns with nurturing their happiness and self-esteem.

Karan Johar’s openness about these personal challenges resonates with many parents, highlighting the universal dilemmas of raising children in today’s world. His candidness offers a glimpse into the life of a high-profile single parent, dealing with everyday issues that many can relate to, from explaining complex family dynamics to managing health and well-being concerns. By sharing his journey, Johar not only humanizes his own experiences but also provides comfort and solidarity to other parents facing similar challenges.

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