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Is abortion in Pakistan merely a term or a choice?

Is abortion in Pakistan merely a term or a choice?


When the word ‘abortion’ is spoken in our country, the phrase ‘woman of questionable character’ is frequently heard. Abortion is the intentional termination of a human pregnancy, typically performed within the first 28 weeks of gestation. Roe v. Wade, a historic decision that provided the right to abortion, was overruled by the Supreme Court of the United States (US), sparking a discussion about abortion. The court ruled that there is no constitutional right to an abortion, leaving it to the states to determine whether or not to permit abortions.

Pakistan has an annual abortion rate of 50 per 1,000 women, according to a 2012 poll, the highest in South Asia and one of the highest in the world, according to a 2020 article in Soch writing. (According to a 2002 study, the rate was projected to be 27 per 1,000 women)

We currently understand the meaning of abortion, but we do not comprehend why it is necessary. A lady conceives a kid, but her circumstances cause her to “choose” not to have the child, and “she ultimately decides to abandon her desire to bring a child into the world.” What occurs next? She chooses to “abort” the pregnancy. Will she have “permission” to do so? What if the woman was raped and became pregnant due to sexual assault? What if she is in an abusive marriage and does not want to risk her partner’s life? What if the conceived child poses a grave health risk to the mother? What if both parents are substance abusers? What if they lack the financial resources to raise a child? What if both parents have not entirely recovered from childhood traumas? What if they are not prepared? There are numerous situations, yet they all lead to one word: “choice.” A choice that a woman must make and her spouse. A decision regarding when to bring a child into the world and their lives

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Women in Pakistan are not unique. They are seeking abortions, and medical practitioners either refuse to perform them or do so only in secret, which is extremely risky and often very expensive – in general, both abortion-seekers and doctors believe the practice is against religion, Pakistani law, or both. Where does this path lead us? Education on abortion must be a principal focus for health professionals and individuals involved. Abortion is a significant decision that carries its weight and concerns, but a person’s mind and body should be able to decide. A choice that does not lead to a conclusion about a woman’s character is merely viewed as one she chose voluntarily for herself. Her body, her decision

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