“India Can Go To Hell” Javed Miandad Boldly Declares Against the BCCI

Javed Miandad Boldly Declares Against the BCCI

Javed Miandad has crossed the line with his recent comments against BCCI due to the conflict over the venue decision and the lack of a resolution.

Pakistan was scheduled to host the Asia Cup 2023, but the Indian cricket board has suddenly decided not to participate if the venue does not change and would not travel to Pakistan.

It was shocking to witness because they were initially prepared to fly and everything went according to plan. However, they abruptly changed their minds and reversed their decision.

Javed Miandad, a former Pakistani cricketer, recently issued a scathing statement against the BCCI and used harsh language to describe their useless U-turn.

Javed Miandad Statement Regarding BCCI Not Appearing

Javed Miandad Boldly Declares Against the BCCI

During the exhibition match between Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators at the Bugti stadium in Quetta, Javed Miandad made provocative remarks about India’s withdrawal from the Asia Cup in 2023, which ignited the internet.

He remarked that the Pakistan cricket team plays enough cricket to exist without India.

“India can go to hell if they don’t want to play cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan does not require India for survival, according to Javed Miandad.

He then insults the Indian government by claiming that India is afraid to compete against Pakistan.

Why does India fear playing against Pakistan? They are aware that if they lose to Pakistan, the populace will not be forgiving. “Narendra Modi will vanish; their public will not abandon him,” declared Javed.

Since the announcement of this decision, the Pakistan Cricket Board has grown so enthusiastic and has been attempting to agree on a plan to hold the Asia Cup in Pakistan.

Pakistan will not come to India for the ICC World Cup 2023, just as Ramiz Raja and Najam Sethi did in their recent responses to the BCCI, because India always backs down whenever Pakistan receives such opportunity. India’s decision to not travel to Pakistan has not changed.

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