“I’m willing to eat poop if it keeps me youthful,” Kim Kardashian reveals.

"Kim Kardashian",

Kim Kardashian is being ridiculed for her response regarding how far she would go to maintain youthful skin.

In an interview with the New York Times conducted in conjunction with introducing her beauty line SKNN by KIM, the KUWTK actress stated, “If you told me I had to eat crap every day to look younger physically, I might. I just might.” Social media users did not favourably receive the comment.

There is no scientific evidence suggesting that ingesting faeces can slow ageing.

After her comments about reducing weight for the Met Gala, Kim addressed the reaction in the same interview. Many believed it was irresponsible of her to reveal that she had reduced weight for a particular event with a large audience.

Kim defended her weight reduction by stating that it was comparable to how actors lose or gain weight for jobs. “I didn’t do anything unhealthy. It seemed appropriate that Christian Bale could play a role in a film. For a role, even Renée Zellweger gained weight. It does not matter to me. I did not say, “Hey, everyone, why don’t you all go lose weight quickly?”

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