Hania Amir Spills All: secret crush, school expulsion, and views in love in TV interview

Popular Pakistani actress Hania Amir recently made headlines with candid revelations about her past during an appearance on a private TV show.

In an open and honest discussion, Hania shared insights into her personal life and career, highlighting intriguing aspects of her journey. The program took a fun turn as the “Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha” actress and her co-star Imran Ashraf reminisced about their childhood in Abbottabad. The internet has been buzzing since a clip went viral showing Hania playfully admitting that she and Imran were once expelled from school for their antics.

In the viral clip, Hania discussed her views on love, stating she has never experienced unrequited love and does not believe in it. She emphasized that love should be reciprocated to be meaningful, adding that one-sided affection is a waste of time. She humorously noted that while millions of fans might love her unilaterally, she reciprocates their love and appreciation.

However, the highlight of the show was Hania’s confession about a childhood crush. In a surprising twist, she clarified, “I wasn’t actually crushing on a boy… I had a crush on a fellow classmate, back in the 8th grade!” She added that this classmate is now married, and they still maintain a friendly bond. The actress playfully teased that revealing the name would instantly give away her childhood friend’s identity.

The candid discussion provided a rare glimpse into Hania Amir’s personal life, showcasing her genuine and humorous side, and leaving fans even more enchanted with the beloved actress.

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