FIFA celebrates Messi’s birthday with Pakistani song ‘Aa Tenu Moj Karavan’

FIFA celebrated Lionel Messi’s birthday in a unique and culturally resonant way by featuring the popular Pakistani song ‘Aa Tenu Moj Karavan’ to honor the football icon. The track, sung by Arif Lohar, has become a sensation among the youth, gaining viral status on social media platforms. Originally released last year, the song has amassed millions of views and has garnered international acclaim for its catchy melody and energetic vibe.
The decision by FIFA, the world’s top soccer governing body, to incorporate ‘Aa Tenu Moj Karavan’ into their birthday tribute video for Messi further elevated the song’s visibility. The Instagram post, captioned ‘Messi ka Jadoo’ in Urdu, accompanied a montage of Messi’s career highlights set to the spirited beats of Lohar’s music. This creative fusion resonated deeply with football fans globally, sparking a frenzy of shares and interactions across social media platforms.
On platforms like Instagram and TikTok, users have embraced the song, creating their own reels and videos set to its infectious rhythm. This surge in user-generated content reflects not only the song’s popularity but also its ability to transcend cultural boundaries and resonate with diverse audiences worldwide.
Lionel Messi, revered for his exceptional talent and leadership on the field, continues to inspire millions of fans globally. As captain of both Inter Miami and the Argentine national team, Messi’s illustrious career boasts an unparalleled collection of accolades, including eight Ballon d’Or awards and numerous league and international titles. His recent triumphs in the 2021 Copa América and the 2022 World Cup further cement his legacy as one of football’s greatest players of all time.
Arif Lohar’s ‘Aa Tenu Moj Karavan’ not only celebrates Messi’s birthday but also underscores the universal language of music and its power to unite fans across continents in admiration of sporting greatness.

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